The NFL Draft will be going all weekend and so will Off The Record (for the most part). Join us here at 3pm today as the NFL Draft kicks off.

Don’t watch the Draft without guidance! How will you know whether or not Mort and Berman are full of it again? What will the Dolphins do with the first pick (we’ve got the inside scoop)? Does Mel Kiper seriously expect us to believe him when he says “so and so will anchor that line for the next 10 years,” when meanwhile so and so has never played a down in the NFL and the draft is an inexact science and Kiper has no idea or else he’d have a general manager job? Can the guys on the set ruin every damn pick by telling us who will get drafted just seconds before Roger Goodell does? Will the ESPN yahoos suggest that “they may take Darren McFadden” on every team’s pick? Will Susie Kolber ask more brilliant questions to free-falling players like “what’s the game plan now?” (damn Susie, what do you think the plan is? Ummmmm….wait to get picked?) Will the Eagles move Lito Sheppard? Will the Giants trade Jeremy Shockey? Will the Saints acquire more of someone else’s retreads? How many picks will the Redskins trade away for aging veterans, some has-beens, and a few never-will-be’s? Where will Jason Taylor land? Are Roy and Chad really staying put?

We’ve got the information and insight you need to follow the Draft!

Pop on by. Perry will be watching the NFL Network broadcast and I’ll have the (sigh) ESPN broadcast.

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