In a stroke of imaginative genius, French modder Kotomi managed to squeeze an entire Nintendo Entertainment System into an old Super Mario Bros. cartridge.

The engineer behind this mod used NES-on-a-chip to squeeze the entire gaming system, with AV plugs, power switch and two controller ports, into a single game cartridge.

NES, called Famicom in Asia, was released in the US in 1985.

Kotami has done a ton of retro mods including a USB version of the SNES Mouse and a bunch of wicked cool, colorful case designs.

Viva la France.

An NES inside a game cartridge

(Engadget, technobob)

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  1. Manuel Uribe

    Now this IS retro, yet practical.

    To pay homage to such a fortuitous gaming platform, and taking it to the next level is near genius. Near genius becuase it doesn’t come with a girlfriend.



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