It sounds like a late April Fool’s joke, but later this year gamers will be able to pit Sub-Zero against Batman, Rayden against Superman and even Martian Manhunter against Aquaman.

Yes, its official, the much teased, and rumored eighth Mortal Kombat game will feature the superheroes from the DC Comics universe.

Midway officially announced MK VS DC at it’s Gamer’s Day press event, with new art and the first official in game movie. While only Sub-Zero, Scorpion and Batman were the only characters officially announced, it’s largely expected that many of the major (along with a few obscure) characters from each universe will be playable.

While crowds at the press event reacted to the video with cheers and excitement, the reaction on the internet has been less enthusiastic.

“Mortal Kombat is something I have taken with me from my childhood since I grew playing (Mortal Combat 1) at the arcade. I didn’t enjoy deadly alliance or the following games and was hoping this could be MK’s rebirth, since Boon was talking about it being very dark and gritty,” said one fan on the game’s official message board.

“Well, goodbye Mortal Kombat. At least the trailer made me laugh. Batman flying through the air in his tights fighting Sub-Zero? Yeah, that’s the rebirth the series needed. Congrats, my MK faith is officially gone!” said another.

“Every console generation we like to wipe the slate clean with Mortal Kombat,” said Ed Boon, one of the creators of the game series. “With this generation we’re starting new with both the new fighting engine, and as you can see, the story mode. We’re very excited about the new fighting mechanic that marries the intense brutality of Mortal Kombat with the signature moves from DC characters like Batman and Superman.”

Perhaps what is getting gamers more angry than anything else is the fact that DC Comics management will not allow the game to include fatalities — the gory and over the top finishing moves that made the Mortal Kombat series famous. I guess there’s something about seeing Batman ripped limb from limb, or the Green Lantern with his skull ripped off the doesn’t sit well with their plans.

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  1. Manuel

    No fatalities, no go.

    This reeks of no-thought, money grubbing.

    [Imagines Shiera HoL uppercutting Scorpion with her battle mace all the way to Thanagar!: Fatality.]


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