Expanding on the wild success of Halo 3, Microsoft and Bungie have released the Legendary Map Pack for download on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 800 points.

The Legendary Pack picks up where the previous Heroic Map Pack left off in December, with three new multiplayer maps and several new options for the Forge map building mode.

“Using new options in the Forge, players can create more detailed challenges and map variants than ever, while also utilizing a variety of visual effects to create new, unique screenshots and saved films,” the companies said in a statement this week.

One of the maps, Avalanche is an homage to an original Halo multiplayer map. This winter battlefield was inspired by the classic Sidewinder map and features added interior features and new vehicle variants. It also supports the Halo 3 Hornet.

The second map, Blackout, is a smaller map with industrial inspirations. Finally, Ghost Town is a desolate jungle to do battle in.

The developers are hosting a contest also, inviding gamers to register and win prizes like a Halo 3 limtied edition Xbox 360 console, a complete set of McFarlane Halo action figures and about a million Microsoft Points. Visit www.xbox.com/legendaryplaywin for more details.

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  1. bil hawe

    i\nuthin could cost a million microsoft points i dont care if you win them or no its redicioulous even i the limited edition


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