Mejesco\'s air traffic control game

Majesco Entertainment announced Wednesday that they will be marketing Air Traffic Chaos for Nintendo DS.

“Developed by Sonic Powered Co., Air Traffic Chaos thrusts players into the hotseat of an air traffic controller whose job is to safely manage a myriad of takeoffs and landings at busy airports around the world,” the company said in a statement.

“Air Traffic Chaos means fun is taking off from Terminal A,” said Gui Karyo, Executive Vice President of Operations, Majesco. “The game’s frantic pace set against the backdrop of an already high-stress job will challenge fast-fingered Touch Screen gamers in an entirely new way.”

In Air Traffic Chaos, players use the Touch Screen to safely manage takeoffs, gate assignments and landings for all incoming and outgoing airport traffic for 14 different airlines in varying weather conditions. Outstanding performance will earn players 16 different merit badges, including “Veteran ATC” and “ATC Legend.” An in-depth tutorial teaches players the basics of managing the busy skies while three difficulty levels with five stages in each offer plenty of challenge. Players can also share their high scores with up to 7 friends while Rumble Pack support makes the experience more realistic for aspiring air traffic controllers.

Game features:

  • Use the Touch Screen to efficiently and safely manage takeoffs and landings for all incoming and outgoing airport traffic
  • Keep track of 7 unique types of airplanes for 14 airlines at once in varying weather conditions
  • Test your mettle in 3 difficulty levels with 5 stages in each
  • In-depth tutorial teaches you how to handle takeoffs, landings, gate assignments, and more
  • Earn 16 badges awarded for your actions like “King of Stress,” “ATC Legend” or “Ruler of the Skies”
  • View and share your high scores with up to 7 friends in the ATC Library
  • Use the Nintendo Rumble Pak to feel the pressure in your hands

Expect the game this summer.

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