According to in Boston, Bill Buckner will throw out the first pitch today for Opening Day at Fenway Park. Chances are he will be cheered thoroughly since Red Sox fans finally got their championships since his incident in 1986. He deserves to be cheered, this guy was the player version of Steve Bartman.

You may or may not remember that he committed a costly error that may or may not have blown the 1986 World Series for the Red Sox. You can see that here:

But, let’s set the record straight on Buckner: It wasn’t his fault; leave him alone. Buckner was injured and shouldn’t have even been in the game. And if you want to blame someone, how about pitcher Calvin Schiraldi? He entered the bottom of the 10th inning in that Game 6 with a two-run lead. He got two guys out before giving up three straight singles and gave the Mets life.

Buckner is historically the goat for that World Series choke job, but his error was minor considering almost the entire team contributed to the screwup.

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