During the past month I’ve been looking for the right case to fit my iPod. I’ve looked at many types and designs, but was shocked when I saw the unique urban, contemporary design of the Tinbot, and I knew I just had to try it.

Essentially Tinbot cases are custom pre-designed solid tin cases, with cut-outs for the iPod’s ports. Tinbot offers 11 great designs, starting at $19.99 for a plain white design and $29.99 for other design cases. Orders must be placed online at http://thetinbot.com and the company is working on expanding their product line to allow custom designs.

Tinbot iPod Cases on BlastMagazine.com

In person, it’s amazing how the design just “pops” out. The colors are vibrant and the contrast excellent; however, I was not so impressed at the overall case itself. The form factor of my Tinbot wasn’t good at all, and the case didn’t feel right in my hands.

The overall shape is very “boxy,” and it was a real pain prying the lid off the case when changing songs. The case feels extremely cheap and after a week of use the hinge is ready to fall off any day now. These issues cheapen features like the nice padding inside and excellent design.

Dare I say, the product is kind of tinny.

Tinbot leaves much more to be desired and I would not recommend purchasing, mainly because as of now, the unit is so cheap that I wouldn’t even trust my iPod in it. Overall, it’s low quality for a high price.

Overall: [rating:2/5]

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Mike Preble is a Blast Magazine staff writer.

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  1. angeli

    i have been looking for a case for my ipod classic too, and i thought this case would be nice for it, it was good i found your review first before i placed my purchase.

  2. Damon Fox

    It’s a shame that the website doesn’t allow to custom upload one – their version of a custom design is buying a white tin box and painting over it yourself at home – pretty lame.


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