Very simple. Very basic. Download the Shareware Doom1.wad free from Blast Magazine.

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  1. chriss

    i Dont understand!
    i download a file, and when it’s downloaded i get a file but it is a file when i must choose which program I should use,
    but I have no such instalations program! can you send a link with a free software? I would be very pleased

    • whatcha talkin about willis???

      get zdoom 3.2.1 then put doom 1 .wad in the folder any where … but not under licences in z doom, click on the guy running and it should run(no installing required)….. if this does not work copy doom 1 .wad and paste it into the guy running it should run auto maticly

      P.S. : Only The wad file not the folder for both

      ENJOY… sorry you had to wait half a year man

  2. brandon

    The file you downloded is probaably a WAD file, there for you have the game but no engine to run it. Try downloading “Skulltag” then put the file in its folder. Once you do that open the file, choose skulltag as the file to open it with, then you can play DOOM!
    Go to downloads and download it. Its free.

  3. Andree Geiken

    Very Good!! I search a long Time for this Wad and found it on your
    Website. To play this wad you must used ZDoom (recommened) or a other Prog. Doomsday kickstart should work too. But i used ZDoom. Search it under Google. It is amazing and a big community will bring you many Mods to play!!! Very Good ! THX to you =)

    • Mtzfire

      because the game is so old (early 1990’s). You can’t expect to see many people these days.

      -If you want servers filled with people, then you’ll have to tell your friends about the game, and get them to play as well! 🙂


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