Doom levels usually come with a specific template of information telling you about the level, its compatibility and build issues and what to expect.

Doomed to Run Amok was one of the coolest levels included in the D!ZONE 150 CD-ROM from Wizard Works. It includes new graphics and sounds!

Title: DOOMED to Run Amok v1.0
Filename: AMOK10t.WAD (t=Total Build, with Sound, Music, etc.)
Author: David L. Davis
Email Address : (None)
Misc. Author Info : In late 30’s, SR. PC Programmer / Analyst, and bitten with “DOOM” madness!

Description: Waste the “BAD GUYS”, what else?.

Additional Credits to:
id Software Team (DOOM “The Game” / “The Graphic Engine”)
Brendon Wyber (DEU v5.21 / Map & Thing Editor)
Raphael Quinet (DEU v5.21 / ” ” ” ” )
Colin Reed (BSP v1.2x / DOOM Node Builder)
Bill Neisius (DMMUSIC v1.0a / Music Util)
Bill Neisius (DMGRAPH v1.0 / Graph Util)
Bill Neisius (DMAUD v1.1 / Audio Util)
Matt Fell (The “OFFICIAL” DOOM FAQ v5.6 / Info)
Matt Fell (The “UNOFFICIAL” DOOM SPEC v1.3 / Docs)
MDC Development (TEXTREF v1.0 / Docs)
Brain Marshall (DOOM 3D Engine Techniques / Info)

* Play Information *
Episode and Level #: E2M1
Single Player: Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player: Yes *Not Tested*
Deathmatch 2-4 Player: No
Difficulty Settings: Yes
Exit Level: Yes (That’s if you can get by the Cyber-Demon!)
New Sounds: Yes, Replacement Sounds for Plamsa Gun, Rocket Launcher, and a few others.
New Graphics: Yes (Status Bar now has a Marble Face), a new TekDoom Door, and TekCude (Wall Textures)
Special Graphics: a Preview of a few Villains from DOOM II within a hidden secret room. (Wall Textures) (“DOOM II …its going to be HELL on EARTH!!”)
New Music: Yes, (New Age – Title Unknown)
Demos Replaced: None

DOOMED to Run Amok v1.0 Doom Screenshot

* Construction *
Base: Brand-Spanking New level from scratch
Build Time: 180+ hours (Every free moment for a month, course rebuilds can take a little while on a 386DX/25 Mhz machine with a Big WAD like this one!!.) Plus the time to learn how to use DEU, BSP, DOOM Utils, and reading all the DOOM information out-there!
Editor(s) used: DEU v5.21, BSP v1.2me (a Recompiled version of BSP v1.2x with Math Emulation Support) DMMUSIC v1.0a, DMGRAPH v1.0, & DMAUD v1.1
Known Bugs: Some Texture Alignment Problems.

* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels, but portions of this level may be “cut and pasted” into your own base levels if original authorship is placed within the “Additional Credits” section.

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact.

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