Manny Arora, Pacman Jones’ agent/enabler, says that a deal with the Cowboys is in place, but that the Titans are testing the market.

"The contract is in place," Arora said Monday. "They are not unintelligent people. They know what they are doing.

"They (Titans) have already made it publicly known that he needs to find another home. Hopefully, it will be Dallas," Arora said. "At some point there is not going to be a market for him. If the draft comes and goes, his value for them reduces. If there is going to be a deal, I imagine it would come in the next three weeks.”

So, what does NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell think of this? He doesn’t really care.

"He has to accept responsibility for his actions and, when he does, I will consider him for reinstatement," Goodell said. "If he doesn’t meet that status, I don’t feel any obligation to reinstate him."

Don’t forget, since he was suspended for a year, Pacman has pleaded no contest to a felony charge in Georgia and guilty to a misdemeanor in Nevada. Yes, this was after the initial suspension. Goodell has been on a mission to clean up the league and Pacman has been on a mission to sully its reputation.

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