We have two huge additions to the tech section coming April 1.

First, we’re throwing up a Doom Page, with docs, levels, programs and all kinds of lost pieces of data celebrating the Doom universe which gave us the FPS gaming genre.

We’ve found old FAQ’s, thousands of old PWAD levels, level editors, total conversions and share versions of new episodes like Hell2Pay. And we’re gonna give’em to you.

To kick off the happy feeling of Doom, I’m giving you all a glimpse of the page and letting you download the Doom 95 Windows front-end with Doom1.wad shareware attached.

The second new addition to Blast’s tech pages is The Drop Folder.

In college, I did my workstudy with Northeastern’s “RESNET” computer team. We always had our “Drop” folder (or CD, flash drive, etc) that contained the tools and programs that we felt were absolutely vital.

I’m expanding that a bit — beyond just utilities like Hijack This! and stuff — to include a well-maintained list of programs and tidbits that make your life easier. And actually, I could use some help. If you know of a program or download that makes your life easier, leave a comment on this article and let me know about it!!

I’m already figuring on including some wicked good apps like FileZilla Portable, DOSBox, Pidgin, the latest build of WordPress and I have some goodies saved up that you’ll see in April. I’m hoping to make this an active list of nerdware and a one-stop place to pull your vital apps from the web without complicated sign-ups or long waits.

We also just installed drop-down menus. Let me know if there are any problems!


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