Last month, I had the opportunity to write a fun column in The Boston Globe about the lack of video games about Boston.

It’s really not fair, because Boston is not only the greatest city in the world, it’s also a technological Mecca — even the makers of the mega-hit game Rock Band are based in Cambridge!

Now that Activision released a Dropkick Murphys free track pack, here’s a few more games that didn’t make the initial cut.

“Madden: Pats Rule edition”

All the Patriots players have a their skills maxed out, while every other team’s players are rated 50 or worse.

Any halfway decent AFC team – Colts, Jags, Steelers, Chargers – are removed from the game.

The Giants start every season with Plaxico Burress on injured reserve. David Tyree drops every pass thrown to him.

Mike Vrabel is the third tight end, and every catch he makes is an automatic touchdown, and Tom Brady throws a touchdown by default if the team is losing with under two minutes to play.

There are also throwback teams and jerseys to such unforgettable teams as the 1990’s 1-15 effort that shortened Bob Ryan’s lifespan by a good five years.

“Each week we ask, ‘How can things get worse?’ and each week they do,” he wrote at the time.

“Beanpot, The Game

College hockey anyone?

My Northeastern Huskies still won’t win, no matter what hidden cheats I implement. I have to give this one to our sports editor, Micah Warren — BU always wins and Harvard and NU play the consolation game.

Update 3/22. Oh Snap. Nevermind. Vermont? Come on, Terriers. Even I was rooting for you.

A new addition: City Councilor Mike Ross in “Sim City 4-Maximum”

Now that the City Council has decided that no more than four college students can live in one apartment, let’s just turn it all over to Councilor Ross and let him rebuild the city in his own image.

Watch out for evil space aliens, tornadoes, earthquakes, destructive mobs of college students and other things that occur all the time in the Hub.

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