East Region:

Contenders for the final four spot:

(1) UNC – North Carolina has been solid all year long and are the team to beat in this bracket. Indiana should not be a threat in the 2nd round. (8) Indiana has yet to score over 88 points on the road this year and that is the exact number the Tar Heels average per night. (4) Washington St. shouldn’t be a problem for UNC either. Washington St. is 0-7 vs. UCLA, Stanford, and Arizona, three tournament teams.

(2) Tennessee – They played in the weak SEC, but their out of conference schedule included wins against Temple, West Virginia, Xavier, Gonzaga, Ohio State, and Memphis. They also lost a tough game to Texas, but this Tennessee team is battle tested. They shouldn’t have any trouble until they face Louisville in the sweet 16.

(3) Louisville – Many thought that the Cardinals were the best team in the Big East this year. This is a conference that’s sending eight teams to the NCAA Tournament. Moreover, to be thought of as the best, they gotta be doing something right. Having Rick Pitino as your coach isn’t just canned potatos either. However, I do see Tennessee beating Louisville.

Upset Specials:
(12) George Mason over (5) Notre Dame. George Mason still has two starters from their 2006 run to the final four. And Notre Dame guns threes. They shoot too many of them. Live and die by the three.

(10) South Alabama over (7) Butler. My only reasoning in taking South Alabama is that this game is being played in Birmingham, Alabama.

East Region Winner: UNC – I think they are too strong right now with a healthy Ty Lawson. Hansbrough is a beast. They have quality starters at each position and they can put up points with the best of them. They really don’t have any weaknesses right now. UNC is going to be a tough team to beat.

Midwest Region:

Contenders for the final four spot:

(1) Kansas – Kansas started off the year going 20-0, finally losing to Michael Beasley’s Kansas State Wildcats. Their 20 straight wins included out of conference games against Arizona, USC, Georgia Tech, and Boston College, so they did mix it up a little with the PAC 10 and ACC. They only lost three games this year by a total of 13 points, one of those games being against Texas. Just like UNC, they should have no trouble getting thru the first two rounds.

(2) Georgetown – Regular season champs of the Big East, but they did lose to a hot Pitt team in the Big East Conference Tournament. Georgetown loves to slow down the game. They run the Princeton offense and love to get their big man Roy Hibbert involved as much as possible. They have a great point guard in Jonathan Wallace and a very deep bench. If you want to beat G’town, you’re gonna have to break their defense (5th in the nation) and score some points.

(3) Wisconsin – The Badgers are on fire right now. They have won 10 straight games and their season resume includes a huge win at Texas and two season sweeps over Indiana and Michigan State. They seem to have no problem with the teams they are supposed to beat, so I don’t see this team getting upset too early. Their only losses came against Purdue twice, Duke, and Marquette.

Upset Specials:
(12) Villanova over (5) Clemson. I think it’s all mental with Clemson. They can never win the big game. They’re gonna come out still thinking about how they lost to UNC (again) and Nova’s gonna come out guns a blaz’n.

(10) Davidson over (7) Gonzaga. Davidson has won 22 straight games and check out this out of conference schedule: Lost to UNC by four, lost to Duke by six, and lost to UCLA by 12. It looks like they can hang with the big dawgs. I understand they lost all three games, but out of respect for getting those three teams on the schedule, I’m taking them.

Best Game of the First Round:
(11) Kansas State vs. (6) USC. Two lottery picks are going to be facing off against each other in this game, USC’s OJ Mayo & KSU’s Michael Beasley. These are two teams that nobody wanted to face in the first round and the Selection Committee matched them up against each other. I guarantee that all the pro scouts will be at this game. This is the 7:10pm EST game on Thursday. Make sure you tune into this one.

Midwest Region Winner: Kansas – Yep, I took another number one seed. I see Wisconsin having too tough of a road. In the second round they will have to play the winner of the USC/KSU game, then face off against G’town? They’ll be spent by the time Kansas is in their face. Furthermore, I see Kansas being too tough for G’town. I can’t see G’town beating them either.

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