IOGEAR has released a hardware-based virtual desktop solution that lets users access their computers from any Internet connection without the need for managing and configuring software.

The PCPortal also allows users and IT pros to connect to a cluster of machines by interfacing the device with a KVM switch.

“In the event a computer is not functioning properly, users need to be able to access the machine to alleviate the situation, even when on-site assistance is not possible,” said Miranda Su, executive vice president of IOGEAR. “PCPortal’s ability to communicate with distant computers over an Internet connection makes it feasible for individuals to work on their PCs from anywhere, at anytime.”

The PCPortal device features a USB 2.0 Virtual Media Port, IOGEAR said, allowing Windows XP users to attach a USB Flash Drive and use it as if it were plugged into a local USB port. They can then transfer files and stream media between local and remote computers.

IOGEAR launches PCPortal


  • Control or monitor your home or office PC from literally anywhere in the world via a LAN, a WAN, or the Internet
  • Hardware-based solution allows BIOS level control for remote troubleshooting
  • Remote access via browser makes it very easy to operate
  • Authentication and SSL 128bit encryption guarantees security and protection
  • USB 2.0 virtual media port allows file transfer between local and remote computer
  • Control multiple computers by connecting to a USB KVM switch
  • Firmware upgradeable

The device is now available for $499.95.

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  1. getBiz

    Typical remote (very annoying) problems I encounter are blue screens and “Hit F1 to continue screens” when rebooting a PC. Obviously if I’m working remotely then I cant seee the sreen and cant hit F1 on the local keyboard. So this device really lets you take control of the PC in this scenario? If so, then this is surely a must for us IT folk!

  2. James

    It works pretty well. I was disappointed by the mouse getting out of sync until I actually read the manual (can you believe it!?!). Anyway, after unchecking the performance settings for the mouse on the local machine, it syncs up fine and there is minimal lag.

    The only let down was not being able to log on two users at the same time. I have a tech case open about it, as the first level support stated that it referred to one local and one remote user, but then the “The message board” would be useless, as it states in the manual that the message board isn’t available on the local monitor. Seems they planned on implementing such a feature but must have forgot about it when release date came around. Hopefully they will release a firmware update that addresses this. That feature could prove extremely useful as a teaching tool for multiple remote administrators.


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