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MGD 64 now on draft
Jan. 18, 2009

UPDATE: In response to reader questions, Miller 64 is 2.8 percent alcohol by volume, according to a spokesman for Miller Brewing Company.

Miller Brewing Company is rolling out its 64-calorie Miller Genuine Draft, “MGD 64,” which is a reformulation of the original MGD Light, and they are touting it as the lowest calorie beer on the market.

“MGD 64 is a sensible choice for consumers working hard to keep up with the pace of their life,” said Grant Leech, marketing director for the Miller Genuine Draft brand. “Whether they are out with a group of friends or taking a break at the end of the day, MGD 64 provides all of the great beer aroma and flavor consumers want but with about 35 percent fewer calories than the typical light beer.”The beer is being launched in a limited roll-out in the Midwest and some West Coast areas. Miller is saying they will also market MGD 64 to active places like health clubs and spas — pushing MGD 64 on the healthy beer drinker.

MGD 64 has 2.4 grams of carbohydrates per 12 ounce serving, which is just a bit less than Michelob Ultra’s 2.6 grams.

Miller offers the following comparisons:

  • A 6 ounce glass of red wine contains 128 calories — twice the amount in MGD 64
  • A 6 ounce gin and tonic contains 172 calories — almost three times as many calories as MGD 64
  • A 6.5 ounce margarita contains 246 calories — nearly four times the calories of one MGD 64

“The math is pretty simple,” Leech said. “Differences such as those between MGD 64 and competitive light beers and other alcohol beverages add up pretty quickly. For consumers who want great beer refreshment that doesn’t slow you down, MGD 64 is the clear choice.”

According to Miller, MGD 64 was initially launched last summer in Madison, Wis. People liked it there, and they’re expanding it. But we’re not seeing it on the East Coast just yet

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172 Responses

  1. Marie Cerrone

    What’s the alcohol content???!! I have not found ANYTHING on the packaging or any web site that is revealing that percentage! Am I drinking water with 64 calories?? Sure tastes like lightly flavored water!

  2. Vicki Chamblin

    I , too, have been trying to find out information about the alcohol content of MGD Light with no success. Please let me know if you have any information. Thank you.

  3. Candy Jennings

    anyone know the Fat and Fiber content in this 64 calorie beer?
    yep thats right, trying to figure out how many Weight Watcher points 1 beer is.

  4. Kim

    I am pretty sure that it is 1 WW point … pretty sure there isn’t any fiber or fat in it. What I am wondering is WHERE DO I BUY IT?!! I had it at a bar in Okemos, MI and have been unable to locate it at any store!

  5. Candy Jennings

    Do you know where I just bought this? Walmart!! a Super Walmart, but still…they had it. and only 7 bucks!!! haven’t tried it yet, so it probably tastes like a$$


  6. Tim

    Very light beer
    had to drink 4 of them to feel any buzz.
    great low calorie beer tho.

  7. stephanie

    Hey folks….let’s keep in mind what beer is made of………yeast?? hello! the lighter the beer the less alcoholic content; less filling; hense less the effect…:) WOOHOO WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!
    This is a beer for the social drinker whose intent is not to get wasted!

  8. Yossarian

    This is a beer for people who don’t really like beer. However, it’s really no worse than other light products from Miller and Anheuser-Busch, and probably isn’t bad when drunk in 90-degree heat and chilled to about a nano-degree above freezing. Chilling the hell out of it will do a lot to make its nasty, canned-beer aroma less noticeable. If Miller 64, Miller Light, Genuine Draft Light, and Bud Light were all that was available, I’d drink Miller 64, although without much enthusiasm.

    If you want a low alcohol beer, try a mild ale. For those of you in the Midwest, Pride & Joy Mild from Three Floyds is excellent.

  9. Sara

    I LOVE this stuff!!!!! I have always wanted a really light option while I’m trying to diet….. now it’s available, thank you Miller from a fellow Milwaukeean!!! 🙂 I think it tastes great! KUDOS!!!

  10. Billy the Kid

    i got so wasted off this beer, what is it like 40% alcohol. I woke up this morning naked , lying next to my dog. I hope nothing happened all i did was split one beer with my gf.

  11. Grace

    I really like it, although a little on the watery side. But if you are counting points, it’s only one point as opposed to two that you would drink with most other lite beers

  12. Michelle

    I have one question – how old is Billy the kid since he got wasted off of a half a beer with only 2.8% alcohol? My guess is he is from down south, his sister is actually his girlfriend & they are both about 12 years old.

    • Shaun

      Sounds more like a Yankee from up north us Southerners brew and grew up drinking we’d drink a northerner under the table any day but nice try on downing the South when it’s the north that has a serious problem

  13. Betty

    What my husband and I want to know is, will they bring back just plain MGD light beer? We both hate this new one, as it tastes more like water. Do we need to find a new beer?

  14. sherri

    My husband and I do NOT like the new beer. I bothers both of our stomaches and gives us a bloated feeling. I want the old MDG Light back. That was the best. We have switched beers to Michelob golden light.

  15. Holly

    Thank you for FINALLY getting me this answer I looked everywhere for alcohol content! And I LOVE this beer I can drink like the boys and still get on my motorcycle and keep the rubber down. I like the lite beer taste and really love not getting wasted,
    I’ve got to wonder about Billy Boy!!

  16. Jamie

    Is this “3/2” beer like what you buy in the grocery store? (MN)
    I’ll drink it for 1 point with a lot of lime but I’m curious.

  17. Marie



  18. Millie

    I like this new beer. The Miller website claims it has 3.0 ABV, but- seriously, you can drink more anyway now that it is low calorie! I really enjoy the flavor, it has such a smooth aftertaste… last week, i drank the 12 pack fairly quickly and then yesterday I had a Mich Ultra for lack of a stocked fridge and really really was glad that MGD 64 exixts… because I am totally going back to it tonight! haha If you are looking to get drunk, you won’t off this beer, but then again a beer, shot method will still be less calories than a normal beer and you would get desired effect. 🙂

  19. Chi Town Chugger

    As someone who drinks more for effect than taste, I have a problem w/ the math on this one. If 64 has 30% less calories but 30% less alcohol content then what is the point? So I would need to buy 30% more beer and spend 30% more money to get the same effect and same calorie count. I just bought two 24 packs of this crap and they will be my final purchase. Back to Miller lite for me.

  20. Patty

    We want the old MGD Light. back. We bought a couple of 12 packs of the new brew. We looked for the old MGD Light could not find it in our area.) Your new brew gave us an uncomftorable feeling. We tried it a couple of times and the same thing happened each time a bloated feeling.
    Some like the new MGD We would like to purchase the old MGD light.

  21. Diana Bruce

    Where can I get it in Omaha. I tried the WalMart on 120th & I, no luck.
    The cheaper the better!


  22. man on fire

    man you have got to be kidding me. Did some monkey above actually ask how much fat is in it? your awareness of alcohol is reprehensible and insulting on a personal level.
    NOW let me break down some math for you geniuses: Mich Ultra 4.6% alcohol, Mil64 2.8%. For 6 cans of ultra you drink, you’ll have to drink 10 cans of Mil64. That’s 640 calories, vs 570 in the ultra. And not to mention you now have 120 ounces of M64 sloshing around in your stomack, as opposed to the 72 oz of ultra. Where’s the room for more beer? Do I have to explain everything to you people??
    And if you drink beer to “hang with the boys” or fit in, please keep your radical extremist opinions to yourself, they aren’t appropriate for a civilized forum.
    And for the love of god stop shopping at Walmart, damn you people! You’re better than that!

  23. Dark Beer Drinker

    Most American beer is too watery there is nothing there. Maybe thats why there is no American Beer Companys now.

  24. duffbeeralltheway

    Well, I ran into “64” the other day and thought I’d give it a whirl. I like it from couple of fronts; it tastes better than mich ultra and I really like the 64 cal aspect. Of course, this will not compete against the imports but if you are looking for a smart choice (calories), this is it.

  25. Boomer

    I love this new beer. Bravo MGD! WARNING: THIS BEER IS NOT FOR ALCOHLICS.

  26. Grego

    Im giving up on the 64 you drink 18 and barley have a buzz F that crap.The old miller MGD lite would at least get you buzzed

  27. Jeff

    If you just want to pretend you are drinking beer, this may be for you. You cant expect much for 64 calories and that is what you get. It doesnt taste bad. It doesnt taste like anything.

  28. Jerry

    I have drank mgd light for oh so many years. MGD 64 is terrible. Bad aftertaste. Tastes like well water. Big mistake Miller. Learn from Coke. You cannot replace the original. Lets petition Miller to go back

  29. Lee

    I’ll stick with michelob ultra instead. It may be slightly higher at 95 calories but 4.2% alc by volume is better than 2.8%.

  30. Jo

    The alcholol content is 3% by volume which is only 1.2% difference from most of the other light beers. I think that it takes pretty good. I am normally a bud light drinker but, I was kind of impressed with this. It does take longer to get a buzz, but I think the less calories are worth it!

  31. Smokey

    I don’t get the math on this 64 calorie claim. There are 340 grams of fluid in a 12 oz. bottle. At 2.8% alcohol that means that there are about 9.5 grams of alcohol in each 12 oz. bottle. 1 gram of alcohol = 7 calories. 9.5X7 = 66.5 calories in alcohol alone, which obviously doesn’t account for everyhting else that goes in to “flavor” of the beer. If this indeed has only 64 calories, that would mean it is basically artificially “beer-flavored” water.

  32. Stanley

    Well I switched to this beer in April. I thought it was great that I could pound it and didn’t get too stupid. No hangover, etc. Now that I have been drinking it for so long, it definitely takes less to start feeling a buzz. Had five last night, got a buzz going, and believe it or not, had a headache today. Yeah!! Obviously your body does start to get used to the lack of alcohol, making your body respond to this better. Now I CAN get a buzz going for less calories.

  33. Sharon

    I think of you like the taste of beer and are sick of getting wasted and stupid this beer is for you. Not to mention over a year you could probably lose a lot of pounds if you like to drink a alot of beer. I find the beer tastes really good if you add a couple slices of lemon. It make it taste like Corona

  34. just a guy

    It is what it is… It’s not bad, not great. I kind of like it because I am cutting down on alcohol but like the taste of beer. Better than sharps 🙂

  35. Netty

    This post is in response to Smokey’s confusion regarding the alcohol content of MGD-64. Your computations are on track, but not complete — you still have to convert alcohol by weight (ABW) to alcohol by volume (ABV) to get the correct calories associated with the stated ABV% (this is the same adjustment you’ll have to make for any beer if you’re trying to determine how many calories in the beer are due to alcohol). The conversion factor to change ABW (what you computed) to ABV is .8. For example,, 9.5g ABW X .8 = 7.6g ABV. 7.6g X 7 = 53 alcohol calories in MGD64. That leaves 9.5 calories for the carbs (2.4 * 4), and about 1.4 calories for the tiny amount of protein. The numbers are correct.

    BTW — here’s a really simple equation to determine the alcohol calorie content of any adult beverage when you know the ABV (usually listed on the beer, wine, or liquor bottle), as follows: ABV% * oz * 1.6. For example, if you’re interested in computing the alcohol calories in 1.5 oz of 80 proof (40% ABV) vodka, it’s simply 40 * 1.5 * 1.6 = 96 calories.

    Hope this helps clear up your confusion!

  36. Amanda

    For those of you that cannot find the weight watchers count on this new miller 64 product, 64 is 1 point. it has 4% alcohol, it has 2.4 carbs. Where as Mich ultra has 95 calories, 2.6 carbs, and Bud light at 110 calories, and 6.6 carbs. Millere genuine draft 64, is a very light beer, for those of you that favor a light crisp tasts, I enjoy it and also enjoy being able to consume more of it because the calories are so low, i’ll give up that 1% alcohol content to have less calories anyday..

  37. Sixty Four Lover

    Love this beer! I LOVE to drink socially and LOVE to pull all nighters, but HATE having a hangover! If you “don’t drink to get drunk” anymore, then this is the beer for you! I was spending 7.99 per 6 pack of Beck’s Light, which is the same cals, alc. content, etc. as this, and am SO happy to find something cheaper! Go Miller! Keep it coming!

  38. Not Billy the Kid

    Screw all these midwestern towns-when is GEORGIA getting it???
    I love this beer-had it in Las Vegas-get it to Georgia!!!!!
    I searched every Kroger and Publix beer aisle I could find and half the liquor stores in Decatur!!!!!
    Bring MGD 64 here NOW!!!!

  39. Jen

    You have a typo, just so you know:
    “MGD 64 has 2.4 grams of carbohydrates per 12 ounce serving, which is just a bit more than Michelob Ultra’s 2.6 grams.”

    last time i checked 2.4 waas less than 2.6

    even though it has less calories and carbs, the taste just is not there. and of course it will have fewer calories and carbs of a mich. ultra. it has half the alcohol. so basically to get the same amount of alcohol you would have to drink more, resulting in more calories and carbs anyway…..

    so whynot just stick with a healthy beer, that also has great flavor, ie: Michelob ULTRA!

  40. JULIA


  41. allen

    this beer is HORRIBLE!! it tastes like dirty water. if i had known the (lack there of) alcohol content before hand i definitly would not have bothered buying this garbage.

  42. Adrianne

    This beer is not as terrible as I anticipated, but then again I was not expecting much from a light beer (super light). Was Miller trying to beat Becks Light becuase that is 65 calories a bottle. All aside its not that bad if it is really cold. I actually drink it now as a sobering beer. Meaning i switch over to this beer after i’ve been drinking my heavier beers all night!!! haha If you workout hard like myself you are better off just drinking one or two of your favorite beers( Hoegarden, Hacer Pshorr) then a six pack of this beer to feel a buzz and keep your gut down!

  43. john

    Just looked for it today and found it in columbus, ohio – kroger in powell, oh on sawmill rd. I got the last 12 pack, they still had 6 packs sitting there. Havent tried it yet…

  44. Janet Oken

    I was at our favorite weekend establishment and mentioned to the bartender that I had just started a 10lb off diet. She immediately pulled out Miller 64 and proceeded to read to me the calorie count, fat count and researched it to find out there was 2.8% alcohol content. Sounded too good to be true…………..and when I first tasted it after drinking Miller Lite for many years I kind of confirmed my thoughts. I was still determined to really give this beer a fair chance. Today, all I drink is Miller 64. I have called restaurants to see if they carry it………..there response of those that didn’t have it was “It’s supposed to come in, many customers are asking for it”.
    My biggest challange is finding it. Safeway food stores have it but not in their cooler. They have to get it out of the back room. Also, Circle K carries it, but only in 6 packs. I’ve put in a request for Sams Club and Costco to carry it. Hopefully they’ll discontinue the MGD and replace it with 64. Give it a try, you’ll like it.
    P.S. Lost 14 pounds……….have to credit some of it to the 64!!

  45. slowfood

    If you’re curious to what miller 64 taste like, take your regular mgd, chilled – pour into a glass about 2/3rd full, fill the rest with a sparkling water, say san pelligrino, and drink. Your not missing much if you like beer.

  46. tkballsack

    you all are sissies cry babies….if you like it drink it , if not than dont. and as far as you out there complaining about the alchol content…i dont see you drinking a stout 6-7% your still talking about everyday low alcohol american, mass produced beer. buy and try it or dont either way shut the he$$ up.

  47. Laurie Witt

    I can not even find this beer. Not at Wal-mart, Liquour stores, Marsh.. Do tell….

  48. fishlegs

    Uh.. yeah the calories are low.. but ya have to drink 10 of them to get a 2 beer buzz

  49. fishlegs

    if you want a chick beer that works.. try “wild blue” at 8% alcohol it is the strongest beer you can buy.. but taste like blueberries!

  50. SuZQ

    Well, I’m sitting here drinking my first 64. My husband and I are doing Atkins so this offers a nice change of pace from the wine spritzers we’ve resorted too. I’ll buy it again for sure.

  51. Sober after a 12 pack

    Dont bother with this stuff… you need to double it to feel anything, ( ie double the carbs and calories)

  52. ron

    miller is trying to decieve the public , you have % & you have by volume , double the ,by volume to get the %,,MILLER is bold face lier if they think MGD64 is 2 x 2.8 = 5.6% no fricking way, more like 2.8%,,i happen to like MGD 64 very much & drink it all the time, but be honest miller do the math,,i can 10 MGD 64 & feel about the same as 5 bud lite,,& bud lite is 5.3 or 5.6%,a bud guy just told me 1 hour ago. they are probably afraid no will buy it if they tell you its only 2.8%. hey, i like to drink & not get a big buzz all the time, by the way i hear that weight watchers charge 2 points for a beer, but only charge 1 point for MGD 64

  53. MsFab

    I read every one of these comments. It seems to me we have a lot of people whinning that they couldn’t get drunk on this beer or because they had to drink more to get a buzz. If a buzz and to get your drunk on is why you drink….they have programs for you!

    As for the rest of us who like to drink but also want to watch our waistlines….this is not a bad alternative.

  54. Amy

    I love this beer!!! its like 2 for the calorie price of one! How can you go wrong w/that? XOXOXOXOXO MILLER!

  55. tom lebreton

    I love this beer! There is another HIGH priced 64 out on the market that isn”t near as good.
    I hope it makes it!!!!!

  56. Stephen B

    If you want to save calories and get drunk – drink vodka. You will consume far fewer calories drinking vodka than trying to get drunk off of beer.

    If you want to enjoy a few beers and save a few calories – drink MGD 64.

  57. Linda

    MGD 64 WAS AWFUL!! $20 for a 24 case? TOO much! Tasted like Skunked Miller Genuine Draft Light, actually, it tasted like watered down Skunked MGD light.

    Very dissapointing. For 28 more tiny Cals, a Rolling Rock Light BLOWS 64 away!

  58. Beer Conousseue

    you drank 4 to get a buzz??? I drank 7 and felt sober as a goat. I went and bout some real beer and had 4 and finally caught a buzz. This is not good BEER.

  59. Whitney

    I just bought this the other night, and looked all over the packaging to find the alcohol content… No luck… so here I am online to find out. I think that it is foolish/unfair for Miller to leave the alcohol content off of their packaging completely. As a consumer I feel that I have been cheated because they didn’t give me all of the information about the product I was buying! If I would have known that the alcohol content was 1/2 of bud light I would have probably just bought my bud light and went on with my life. All products should be up front about what they’re offering you, the companies shouldn’t hide the information from consumers like this…
    Shame on Miller!

    Besides, It tastes like water with a beer-ish after taste!

  60. Larry

    I love this beer, drink a 6 pack and only 384 calories and you can still drive home. I think the taste is good and the 2.8 alcohol content is great.

  61. David

    To Larry – I agree – I drink a lot – drank a six -the other night – and felt good the next morning for work, I think this product will work out good in the summer at concerts and festivals – more water – less alcohol, and to Linda – $20 for a case! you got ripped -off – Its $11.99 in Chicago -great price, good beer to fill a target market.

  62. Colonist

    I’ve been looking for a reduced alcohol beer for a while. I like to drink socially and all of us are technically in trouble law-wise after a few Bud Lights – .08 is very easy to reach in 90 minutes.
    I hope this taste kind of good…

  63. Kelly

    I love going out with friends. I don’t really like beer though, except Bud Light and a couple of local lagers. (Miller products usually bring on nasal congestion.) So I would drink mixed drinks. Unfortunately I began gaining weight with my choices, and would get buzzed before the night was through, making the next day miserable. This is the answer for me! I can nurse a couple through the night, still feeling like I’m drinking (cranberry selzer just doesn’t have the same satisfying feeling in the mouth as alcohol, and soda is too fattening), but I’m able to control both the calories and the buzz. And no nasal congestion!

    If I want real beer, I’ll make a different choice and get something more sophisticated. If I want a real buzz, I’ll do shots or mixed drinks. But this is a great choice for the common “going out” where the emphasis is on good friends and conversation rather than getting wasted.

  64. Brandon

    I have yet to have the Miller 64. I’m a huge Miller Lite fan, I do drink light beers because I tend to drink to get drunk, , and as good as Sam Adams Triple Bock tastes, I’m all set with drinking 8 beers at 340 calories a piece. Thus Miller Lite at 96 calories? and somewhere around 4.2% alcohol is the best choice for those whom want to drink in order to get drunk. Unfortunately from what I’ve heard the Miller 64 is somewhere around 2.5% alcohol, so I’d have to drink almost 2 in order to get the same amount of alcohol…giving me 128 calories…So, for those who are casual social drinkers who do not plan to drink miller 64 to get drunk, hat’s off to you. Those who love the alcohol and hate the calorie, Miller Lite is your best bet. But at the end of the day, we all wish we were drinking a glass of whiskey, who am i kidding.

  65. kurt

    i just drank 20 of these and took the my kids soccer team to chuck e cheese for pizza, ran a 5k, and then went to work. good shit.

  66. Joe

    I LOVE this beer!!! It should be sold everywhere.Low cal, low carb and still a decent alcohol content!!!
    Great job Miller !!!!!!!!!
    Lets get this in more bars and stores!!!!!!!

  67. jsunsgirl17

    Here’s my spin:

    Michelob Ultra Amber MGD64
    5% alcohol 2.8
    114 calories 64
    3.7g carbs 2.4

    therefore 2 MGD 64’s = 5.6 alcohol, 128 calories, 4.8 carbs

    Seems to me one mich amber ultra just about equals 2 MGD 64’s so save money, drink a more flavorful beer , and go with the mich ultra amber. For basically the same amount of alcohol you need to drink 2 64’s so unless you just love it I don’t understand it. I don’t have the money to burn.

  68. June

    Just wanted to say this is a great way to lose those extra
    pounds that we carry over from the holidays. Only 64 calories
    compared to 102 in Coors Light. And it is only 1 point on
    Weight Watchers. It taste like light beer to me. Thanks for
    making it. O’douls is awful tasting.

  69. Hangover

    This is the PERFECT beer to have during the work week. I usually get HORRIBLE hangovers even after two or three beers but I drank three last night and woke up without a hangover. I was buzzed off of three too and I am 28 and have been drinking beer for 10 + years.

  70. Boomer

    I enjoy drinking 64, although it has less alcohol, I still catch my buzz, if I have to drink a few extra to do so then oh well, maintaining my weight I lost and having a great time in the process!!!

  71. Recon

    I drank 9 the other night after picking up my first 18 pack. Nary a buzz. No hangover, but no buzz. Tastes okay – but hey I’m a Guinness man. However – I’ve got to drop 16 pounds by April, so it’s 64 for now.

  72. Killer*Mule

    This beer tastes like piss, in fact, low grade piss with no flavor or alcohol. Fuck this shit!

  73. CydeFX

    Budweiser rates at 145 calories with a 5% alcohol content. MGD 64 rates at 64 calories with a 2.8% alcohol content. Only in America will consumers once again fall for this marketing ploy, first started by Miller with ‘Lite’ beer. Buy what you like to taste. If you’re concerned with your weight drink less often, or slower. Why spend the same or more for what amounts to more water?

  74. Judy Owen

    I had gastric bypass surgery and want something low in calories low in carbs and low in alchohol content because my body does not handle alchohol so good anymore.
    I think it tastes fine and when I feel like a beer it is the best choice for me.

  75. Jenny F.

    I love the flavor and that it doesn’t contain as much alcohol. I want to go out with my friends and drink beer but I can’t keep up with them. This is a great beer for me, plus I don’t have to add all the calories 🙂

  76. Joe

    I’m going to buy a can of Budweiser, fill two glasses halfway and then top them off with some water. I’ll call it Anheuser Bush 75. Fucking ridiculous.

  77. Bella

    I am a social drinker not really in it to get trashed, not bad since I am trying to count calories.

  78. Brett

    Had it for first time this week. Miller did a great job. The beer tastes great. Thanks guys

  79. Steve

    This beer is great when your looking to throw back a few and drive….but if your trying to get buzzed off of this…not gonna happen unless u drink a six pack on an empty stomach. The taste is good…u can actually taste the hops. A good beer and a health conscience consideration for the light or social drinker.

  80. deb

    I found out about 64 at a Weight Watchers meeting. I gave it a try and I really enjoy it. I work early on weekends and when my friends get together and party, I don’t feel like I’m missing anything, I can still have a few beers, watch my diet, not get drunk, and not be hungover! Perfect for me!!

  81. joe

    who the hell wants to drink a beer with 2.9 percent alcohol? you might as well just drink soda.

  82. Alford

    When the cop is on your but you will know who wants 2.9% alcolol, and what about your weight.

  83. troy milburn

    damn good beer. has the same taste as others yet not filling at all. gonna have another right now!

  84. beerguy

    reading some of the feedback on miller 64,some of those people may want to visit Canada for a beer buzz.We cant get lighter beer than 4.5%.

  85. christie

    what is the point of this beer? if i want the same effect as 2 bud lights, i would have to drink 3 of the mgd light 64’s, and i’m consuming 2 extra calories! i will be sticking to my bud light. i like to drink beer to get an effect. i am watching my calories, but i would much rather have 2 bud lights instead of three mgd light 64’s. wish i didn’t just buy a case of it.

  86. kelli

    I am a social drinker, I do not like the calories or the hangover that this brings on. If I am looking to get DRUNK, I will drink Miller light if I am looking to have a fun night out followed by a good morning, I will stick to Miller 64.

  87. Daddy

    One of the most tasteless and watered-down beers I’ve ever had. Terrible.

  88. Lynn

    Gre at beer! Very crisp and smooth I know it is low-alcohol content, however, I don’t drink just to get drunk. It’s great to have in the evening with dinner. No guilt here!

  89. Tom & Lori

    When will we be able to get 64 in a keg. We love this beer and need to get a keg for pool season. Please get this beer in the keg soon.

  90. Rob

    Finally a beer for me..I usually go out to the clubs on the weekends for about 2-3 hours, and Im one of those people that cant stand there without a drink. by 2 o’clock I’m usually waisted. Now I can have a good time and not feel like I over did it the next day. Thanks

  91. Aneeda Line

    This is good beer I am currently watching my diet and my wallet so you cant go wrong with this one,great taste ,great buzz,great price..I was paying almost $18 a 12pack for Ultra Light becks Miller 64 is almost half the price so I can buy 2 12packs for the other price,and a way better taste ..Thanks Miller “Horns Up”

  92. Richard Beerman

    This so called beer is absolute rubbish. It tastes like it came out of a chemical plant. I would be embarrassed to put my label on this junk.

  93. Daniel

    Elle est très bonne et très peu de calorie; cette bière est un excellent choix
    J’ai goûté cette bière en Floride par contre je demeures au Canada,près de Montréal. Ma question : Comment puis-je m’en procurer?

  94. Puncherella

    so…when are they gonna make a beer thats 64 calories, and 5 or 6% alcohol. By the time you feel a buzz, you’ve drunk a kegs worth. Lame

  95. Lori

    I was wondering why I wasnt feeling ANYTHING off this beer. 2.8 percent?? I mean they shouldnt even be selling it. The taste is good but doesnt give the feeling I need.

  96. Tony DiBernardo

    I had the pleasure of trying Miller 64 in Florida in early march and really enjoyed it I been on the hunt looking for it in Toronto Canada with no luck when will it be avaiable in Toronto Canada. Is it avaiable in Buffalo New York

  97. Ray

    This beer is not worth buying. It is basically soda. It is overcarbonated and tastes horribly watered down. Although I have a preference for IPA and other high gravity beers I do enjoy a light lager when it is hot, but this does not cut it. I can’t even catch a small buzz before my belly is soooo full of carbonated water that I can’t get any more down. My suggestion is to continue to drink other light beers with more realistic alcohol contents ~4% You will end up drinking less and the calories will be the same, and your kidneys will thank you for not drinking 5 gallons of this beer to get a buzz.

  98. Shane

    To be honest with you, I am in my mid 30’s and I am slightly allergic to most beers. After 2 bud lights, or any other beer for that matter, I get extremely stuffed up and can’t breathe and my asthma kicks in. This is tough when you get a craving for a beer and can’t enjoy more than 2 with out these miserable effects. With MGD-64, I can drink a few and NOT get stuffed up. It is great! I love the taste! Its a good BEER!

  99. I Actually Like Beer

    Well… I’d succumb to my inner vanity and decided to give this beer a shot. If you’re actually someone who LIKES beer you’re going to hate it. I’d imagine that whoever coined the idiom “bottom of the barrel” was referring to a keg of this piss-water. I’d might be okay on those 100 degree summer days where you really want a beer but know you need to stay hydrated. To the other reviewers – if you “don’t like beer” or “don’t want a buzz” why are you drinking, let alone reviewing, a beer. If you’re trying to watch your intake for caloric or other reasons you’re way better off buying something of actual quality to a point where you’re satisfied having less of it. And if you like this because you simply must have 6 beers every time you sit down I think weight watchers isn’t the only meeting you should be attending.
    Anyone want the remaining 5 bottles?

  100. sober

    It took me a 12 pack just to feel a buzz. 12 beers at 64 calories. Do the math. Not worth it!

  101. fiann

    Miller lite is my “go-to” beer, so I decided to give 64 a try. The taste is sub-par even for a lite. And the low alcohol content is also a downer. Someone a few posts back asked when kegs of this would be available. I would recomend getting a keg of miller lite and a water cooler and mixing them together. The result would equal MGD 64. 🙁

  102. chris knight

    when is it comeing to the okanagan in b.c. canada ???? or where can i drive and buy 1000 case’s

  103. Kevin

    Puncherella says:
    April 15, 2009 at 6:51 pm

    so…when are they gonna make a beer thats 64 calories, and 5 or 6% alcohol.

    That’s not physically possible. In fact Miller is just about at the limit as it is. Aside from the calories in the alcohol, the only other calorie source is the 2.4 carbs (about 20 calories). Even if you could somehow get the carbs down to 0, the max percent by vol of alcohol would still only be slightly above 3%.

  104. Jon SoCal

    I love it, i bought two cases of it about a week ago, i don’t get off work till about 2-3am some nights and i want alittle somthing before bed. this way i can have 4-5 beers like i normaly would, not get as buzzed and wake up and feel great. also i’m on an intense diet and 2 beers is less over then drinking a gatorade

  105. heidi

    I watch my weight and was drinking bud light lime or miller chill, until I found miller 64 now I just put a lime in it tastes really close, can drink more with less guilt

  106. Hillside Stranglah

    I prefer to drink vodka. Especially whilst partaking of my other favorite vice…cocaine.

    But if I ever find myself waking up in a car, in one hundred degree weather (happens more often than one would think), I will happily suck down a 64 or two so as to keep from dying of dehydration.

    Thanks SAB.

  107. mark

    You guys must be pretty shitty at math to not see the advantages. To calculate calories/unit alcohol you simply divide the the calories by the percent alcohol. So for MGD 64, it comes out to 22.86 calories/unit alcohol. The next closest is Michelob Ultra at 23.17 calories/unit alcohol. By this logic, MGD 64 is the lowest calorie beer for the alcohol you consume. I admit you will certainly need to drink more of them to get the same effect as the % alcohol content per bottle is less, so cost wise it may be a downer, but for people watching their calories (the people this beer is geared to) it makes sense.

    As a side note, I like that I don’t have to drink a Gatorade before I go to sleep with this stuff to avoid a hangover the next day since you are consuming so much water with it.

  108. i-yi-yi

    If you’re drinking just to get drunk, why would you even try a beer like 64? Go get yourself some XXX or some other Canadian grog, go sit in a corner by yourself and drink up! I think 64 is an awesome beer. I’m a die hard Miller Lite drinker but if the bar has 64, that’s what I’m drinking. I think it tastes great, I LIKE the extra carbonation, and the fact that it has fewer calories is just an added bonus.

    I guess it all boils down to why you’re drinking in the first place. If you want a buzz, try shots of Wild Turkey or Blackhous. If you want to hang out with your friends and not get obnoxiously drunk, try it.

  109. Kathy

    I rarely drink a beer but with 64 cals I tried it. I drank one. I broke out in a rash. The next day I tried another one just to see if the rash was from it and sure enough I started to itch all over and the rash got worse. So what is in this beer cause I’m not allergic to foods of any kind? Is it made a special way?

  110. Low-Carb Seeker

    When will this beer be coming to Alberta, Canada? We have Sleeman’s Clear here and it is rubbish!

  111. david

    you guys all saying “this beer is cool” – you are idiots and would probably drink anything the media throws at you.

    all you guys saying “oh wow..i can drink and now i don’t get fucked up and drive drunk! thanks miller!” – you are too, idiots, and fuck you for voting for obama. i thank god Firefox doesn’t recognize his name to capitalize it, too.

    this beer is disgusting and a pathetic example of yet another crappy American beer. i just poured my first one out after three sips.

  112. edgar

    Why is the % of alcohol content disclosed? I guess its just water with beer.

  113. Pam Ryan

    I like to watch the calories. I usually drink Mich Ultra. They has a Miller rep come into our home town bar and give out samples of the 64! I thought it was very smooth, wet and no after taste at all. If your looking to have fun, still drink and lose wait, this is the beer of choice! Excellent!

  114. Colleen Moorhouse

    I love this “64” beer. I’m a huge Coors Light fan but no more unless there are no “64’s”. Great job Miller. You have my vote on this … Excellent job.

  115. Beth

    I’m asking for MGD 64 when I’m out because not only am I watching the calories, I’m looking for a lower alcohol content. I’m in agreement about the “watered down” taste, but I find if I ask for a lime and drink it like a Corona, it’s tolerable.

    I’m a lager beer lover so this is quite a switch for me. Try the lime. It’s not bad, and actually very refreshing!

  116. Catt

    Where in the heck do we find out where they sell MGD 64? I live in Denver, Colorado and searched several liquor stores. Please Help!

    • Dennis D

      I don’t think they have it there yet. I found it in Walmart in FL

  117. Dennis D

    Finally! A tasteful beer without the calories and especially without the alcohol! Congrats to Miller Brewing Co. Now I can sit around the pool and enjoy several!

  118. Bob MacGillivray

    Kudos to Miller. I like 64. I am determined to drop some pounds by riding my bicycle and working with weights. Miller 64 is very low carb and I need to keep my carb intake below 25 carbs oer day. I just drank three while listening to the music at a locaL PLACE. I feel a buzz too. Very pleasant!


  119. TinksMeOff

    Comparable to the Miller Light bottles but not the 3.2% alcohol content which can bring a stuper on the 3rd to 6th beer for me depending on the day. I have found that switching to the Miller 64 works great (at aprx 2.8% alcohol content) for a few more bottles at my pleasure to maintain my self control and peace of mind. It works with no downside effect for me. Love this beer Miller! Please just sell the Miller 64 beer in our favorite liquor stores, not just food markets and convenience stores. Excellent for Sports Game TV watching and social situations.

  120. Charlene Storm

    I wish I could get my MGD Light I used to buy. Not the 64 cal. shit. It’s all I ever used to drink. I’ve spent all year buying different types of beer and can’t find anything like it. Please start making it again!!!!!!

    Charlene Storm

  121. Don B

    Or you could have an ounce of distilled liquor and 12oz Diet Coke. 64 calories, 0 carbs. Less than 75 cents a serving.

    7.7% alcohol by volume, so if you’re the type to down six beers (384 calories, 14.5 carb grams), then have only two and eat 256 calories of real food. As if you were going to just drink beer and not snack as well.

  122. Don B

    Or you could have an ounce of distilled liquor and 12oz Diet Coke. 64 calories, 0 carbs. Less than 75 cents a serving.

    7.7% alcohol by volume, so if you’re the type to down six beers (384 calories, 14.5 carb grams), then have only two and eat 256 calories of real food. I’m sure you weren’t having any snacks with those six beers anyway.

  123. Effen Absolute

    At first, you feel good about it being 64 cal. By the time you feel buzzed you already drank a whole 18pk. and that equals 1152 calories. : )

    • jeff

      Dear Effen Absolute,

      Maybe if you weren’t an alcholic and hadn’t grown up drinking everyday MGD 64 would have a better effect on you. I was addicted to cocaine and for some reason taking caffeine pills and drinking mountain dew just didn’t cut it….


      the first step is admitting you have a problem…

      • Robert

        Dear Jeff,

        Effren has a point i dont brink often, and i need to drink at least 6 before i feel anything with these girly drinks, not everyone is a little bitch and can get a buzz like your self with 2 MGD 64.

    • john dilliger

      Haha yeah man…I would have to drink a 30 pack to my face to feel anything

  124. Robyn

    I love this beer, I can keep up with my husband now and still feel great in the morning. I do seem to drink more and faster with this beer,but have never felt hungover in the morning… Great Beer!!!!!

  125. Poet


    If you’re in recovery, which is indicated, why are you on a website that is discussing beer? MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM?

  126. Lynn Zension

    I can’t believe that Miller has chosen to run ads where a person would rather work off a fatter beer than drink MDG 64. I understand what they’re going for, but really, it boils down to more work-outs than drinking their beer. Not a good message to send to comsumers.

  127. dbell

    Good alternative for those us who like our beers but may need to drive.

  128. leslie brant

    i like the millers 64.but i would like to have the words to the song on tv about miller 64. thank you

  129. Ninjahedge

    Simply put, this is just a cruiser-beer.

    Good for light drinking or summer drinking (low alcohol lessens dehydration) or simply night-ending buzz maintenance.
    If they did it right, it will taste better than a O’douls, but this is not a drinking beer.

    Yelling and screaming “alcoholic” does nothing for this discussion.


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