In the “old days” a bunch of states held their primaries this week. This year, only Texas, Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island maintained their traditional dates in yesterday’s “not-so-Super-Tuesday.”

Barack Obama finished the night with one win, a disappointment to that camp as Hillary Clinton was expected by many to end her campaign if she suffered losses in Ohio and Texas.

But suffer losses she did not. Senator Clinton clinched wins in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island, and her campaign will trudge on to Pennsylvania’s April 22 primary, which looks critical for both sides.

It is estimated that Senator Clinton may have picked up 187 delegates to Senator Obama’s 183 yesterday. It is also rumored that Senator Obama has 50 super delegates waiting in the wings to be announced as a block in the near future. However, super delegates are not committed, and as we’ve already seen are not committed to anyone regardless of whether they’ve already pledged support.

Meanwhile on the Republican side of the aisle, Governor Mike Huckabee ended his campaign Tuesday night as Senator John McCain officially clinched the Republican Nomination with decisive wins in all four contests.

Governor Huckabee still lagged behind already dropped out GOP candidate former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in delegate counts.

Senator McCain now has until August when the conventions will take place to attack the Democratic candidates and win over the crucial independents throughout the country. They will be vital for a win in November.

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