Xbox 360 hit Mass Effect will hit PC screens May 6.

Key PC-only features:

  • New squad control interface — Players can now issue commands to individual squad members, providing a new level of depth to the tactical combat
  • Hot-key functionality — Biotic powers and abilities can be mapped to individual keys, allowing a faster “run and gun” style of gameplay
  • Re-designed Mako controls — Players can explore alien planets and engage in vehicular combat with an intuitive and fully camera independent control system for the Mako, their all-terrain vehicle
  • Quick-save — New quick-save button and increased number of save slots
  • New decryption mini-game — A new decryption mini-game invites players to test their skills as they avoid obstacles and move their icon to the center of the digital mechanism
  • New inventory screen GUI and functionality — The enhanced inventory system makes it easier for players to equip and modify their weapons and armor

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