According to the New York Daily News, federal investigators could have photo evidence that contradicts Roger Clemens’ sworn statements that he was not at a 1998 party at Jose Canseco’s house. The issue of his attendance at said party has come up in both the Mitchell Report and the Feb. 13th hearing in Washington.

“We have reason to believe it’s reliable evidence,” Richard Emery, an attorney for Clemens’ accuser Brian McNamee, told the Daily News on Thursday. “We believe there’s photographic evidence that shows Clemens was at a party he says he wasn’t at.”

This is bad news for Clemens as this could prove that he perjured himself. This is why you don’t lie to the Feds…about anything. Even if he was at the party, being there doesn’t mean that he took steroids. Not everyone that was at Canseco’s that day is a steroid user. Now, he could possibly be proven to be a liar over an innocuous detail.

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