The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue comes out this week, and consider this writer non-plussed. This used to be one of the biggest issues of the year for teen guys and older, married guys that haven’t gotten any in six months. But, in the age of the internet and Google searches for “the Sybian,” “group teens” and “naughty college co-eds” (these are just random ideas, I think I overheard some guys talking in the locker room), the SI Swimsuit Issue has lost some of its “wow” factor. Enter Danica Patrick.

This time around, the Swimsuit Issue has gotten the famous young auto-racing star to show some much-anticipated skin. I’m not sure if you watch much Formula 1 racing, but it’s tough to get a good look at someone’s figure. So, all of those racing fans with raging hormones who have longed to see Patrick take off more than her helmet, you can finally rejoice.

By the way: Because of a reporting error, we incorrectly stated that Danica Patrick races for Forumula 1. She races IndyCar. 

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  1. Mr. Nixon

    Um, Danica races in IndyCar, not Formula 1. Nice to see a little more of her!


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