As I first reported on 610 WIP sports radio in Philadelphia and, a source close to the situation told me that the Philadelphia Eagles are going hard after Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

The name “Chad Johnson” was also floated, but I don’t see that as a realistic possibility. It is rumored that the Redskins are interested in Johnson, and we all know they’ll overpay and give up tons of draft picks. In contrast, the Eagles are much more careful with their April selections.

The source also stated that the Eagles are not planning on rebuilding (ie not trading Donovan McNabb) and that they have a list of guys that they want to go after. Fitzgerald, according to the source, is on the top of that list.

There was also a mention that the Eagles had their eyes on a kick-returning cornerback with their 19th overall selection in April’s draft. Poor kick and punt returning was a hallmark of the 2007 Eagles season.

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    Fitzgerald would be a HUGE aquisition for the Eagles. Perhaps signing Assante Samuel would give them the scenario of sending the Cardinals Lito Sheppard and a draft pick for him? Getting a receiver of his caliber at his age would be the move of the year with Samuel being 2nd.

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed!


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