Simon Gagne is hopeful to return to the ice this season after suffering his third concussion of the season. Concussions aren’t knee injuries, and three of them is called a trend. This is a career-killing trend. Hockey isn’t tennis and I can assure you that if/when he plays again – be it this year or beyond – he will get more of them.

This is a shame because Gagne is one hell of a hockey player. But, in football and hockey, these things happen. Ask Trent Green, who the Miami Dolphins just cut because he was scrambled eggs. Former Pittsburgh Steeler Merrill Hoge had to hang it up for the same reason. I’ve talked to former NY Jets that say that Al Toon can hardly speak. Anyone remember Tom Waddle? The Bears wide receiver that got his head knocked around so much that he gave himself smelling salts on the sidelines? This is a really bad trend for Gagne and hopefully he takes enough time off so that he can fully recover. I just don’t know that that will ever be the case.

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