As you probably know, Roger Clemens is under investigation in the baseball performance enhancing drug scandal.

Every media outlet in every direction is analyzing quotes and the he-said, she-said and trying to figure out who is telling the truth and who isn’t.

I’m not here to do that.

I believe he’s guilty of getting his ass injected with something illegal, and I’m just going to assume he’s lying to Congress.

For four hours and 41 minutes on Wednesday, Clemens did himself no favors. Actually, he hasn’t been helping his case to remain a free American since he started denying steroid allegations to the government. It’s one thing to tell the New York Daily News that you didn’t take steroids. It’s one thing to tell your friends. It’s one thing to tell ESPN. However, Mr. Clemens, it is an entirely different issue to lie to Congress. They tend to frown upon that.

Lying to the public may not get you into the Hall of Fame and you may lose some/all endorsements, but it doesn’t get you thrown in jail. It’s bad news when a congressman feels compelled to tell you he thinks you are full of it.

“It’s hard to believe you, Sir,” Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) said. “I hate to say that. You’re one of my heroes, but itts hard to believe you.”

Remember this is coming from someone who listens to B.S. all day every day.

Chris Webber found himself in a similar situation years ago when he had to testify under oath about possible NCAA violations. It’s not worth it to lie to Congress about a criminal or minor criminal act. Who cares if the University of Michigan can’t get top recruits for a few years? Who cares if your autographed baseballs aren’t worth as much anymore?

Are those things desirable? No, but they also are a great alternative to jail. Clemens is now putting himself in a situation where he could possibly could lose his freedom. His ego and they-can-never-touch me attitude has finally gotten the best of him.

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