Star Trek: Conquest was a low budget game from the start.

The game is a feeble attempt at entertainment. The game is so simple that it completely fails at holding any type of storyline, maps or anything. Bethesda disappointed many “trekkies” with this one.

The gameplay is turn-based strategy, which in the proper element can be good, like in a Mario Party game. However, this was not the proper element.

You find yourself in the middle of a universe surrounded by a bunch of baddies. You move one space at a time in a map that is quite large and one space at a time doesn’t really cut it. Your enemies also move one space, and once you finish hearing their speech (which never changes) you get to make your next move.

After you move, you find yourself some trouble with enemy ships. You have the choice of simulating it, or entering arcade mode.


If all I elected to do was “Sim This” I would be watching a little ship move space by space, until it gets to an enemy. Then I’d let the game play with itself.

In arcade mode you will be surrounded by several ships, and you have to take them out. Why? Who knows! There is no storyline! So you destroy them, because everyone in this universe hates each other. No plot. No intrigue. No intergalactic politics. No Star Trek.

The graphics are remnant of the old Star Fox 64 with some advances. The graphics aren’t necessarily awful, and there are some moments where the ships look pretty cool and the planets look bright.

That’s about it for the graphics — stars and ships. I guess it’s pretty hard to screw that up.

The controls are awkward as you move the Wiimote to select targets. The guns are hard to aim, and unless you hit right on target you won’t be doing anything but flying around in a circle, aiming your Wiimote, trying to make something happen.

Online Play? None. Would have been a possible savior of this game.

Storyline? None. Everyone in the universe hates each other, so they shoot each others’ ships down.

Soundtrack? Bad. No voiceovers from the actors. No Star Trek music.

Star Trek: Conquest doesn’t belong on the Wii; at best this is a 25 cent play at your local arcade, and that’s being pretty generous.

If you’re enough of a Trekkie and a fan of the series, maybe pick it up for rental.

Quick hits:

Publisher: CBS Consumer Products
Developer: Bethesda Softworks
Platform: Wii
Genre: Turn Based Strategy/Sci-Fi
Players: 1

Playability: [rating:2/5]
Learning Curve: [rating:2.5]
Sound: [rating:2/5]
Graphics: [rating:3/5]
Overall: [rating:2/5]

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