Just in Case Inc. is the maker of a discreet and stylish condom case for women. Just in time for National Condom Day (Valentines Day) they are giving away 10,000 of their compacts to women’s Non-Profit Groups nationwide.Nominated by the public, two lucky non-profit organizations from each state will receive 100 compacts to distribute to their customers to promote safe sex.

Pastel, Classic Bling, Metallic or Rendez-Vous Red, the cases look like a compact mirror on the inside, but secretly hold up to two condoms at a time. All of the he cases go for $24.95, except for the Classic Bling case, which is studded in Swarovski Crystals, which sells for $199.00.

Five percent of the gross profits are donated to causes such as AIDS research and prevention and women’s health.

Mother Marsha G. Bartenetti and daughter Rachael Sudul, founded the corporation in response to "alarmingly growing rate of teen pregnancy, STD’s, and HIV/AIDS cases and created a product that gives sexually active women a stylish reason to carry condoms", a press release says.

According to their website, a men’s line is underway as well as an “ultra chic evening compact.”

The cases are a great way to be safe and fashionable, and would make a great gift for a loved one this Valentines Day.

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