In a move that makes me suspiciously think they are playing coy, PopCap Games released a statement Thursday vehemently denying they are making a Nintendo DS version of the mega-popular puzzler, Peggle.

“There are always rumors flying around regarding casual games and where they’re headed, and in this case the rumor mill seems to have gone into overdrive; this is a perfect example of why our company policy is to not comment on future plans until they’re finalized,” said Greg Canessa, VP of Video Game Platforms at PopCap.

But he went on to say:

“We have ambitious plans for many of our titles including Peggle, and are eager to bring its peg-popping pleasures to as many appropriate platforms and devices as possible. But Nintendo has not approved this product, we have not signed a developer to port Peggle to DS, and we have not green lighted this project.”

I think you’ll eventually (or soon) see some peg-popping pleasures on Nintendo DS. PopCap clearly doesn’t want rumors to perpetuate because (A) it might piss off Nintendo if, in fact, they haven’t signed off yet and because (B) it would dilute the hype if it leaked too early. Stay tuned.

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