In an age where it seems a box of chocolates and flowers have become too clich©, what’s a Valentine to do? Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love. Treat your sweetheart to present or activity that breaks the norm and leaves a lasting memory. Here’s Blast Magazine’s gift guide to make this February 14th one to remember.

What to Get Your Man:

He may be hard to shop for and not give you many ideas when it comes to present shopping. But whether you’re dating a serious type or have Romeo waiting at your door, we’ve got just the gift to set his heart on fire.

For the Practical Lover:

Brookstone is your answer. What other store allows you to play with innovative products, shop for your lover and have a massage in a chair all in one place? I have two favorites at Brookstone for Valentine’s Day gifts.

NAP Cuddle Blanket, $45.00

This has to be the softest, most comfortable blanket I have ever felt. Perfect for an afternoon nap or cuddling up in front of the television, this blanket can delight your sweetheart and benefit you as well! While he would probably never buy this for himself, he won’t be able to resist wrapping the both of you in it together.

Charging Valet, $29.00 or $75.00

Charging Valet, $29.00 or $75.00<If your boyfriend loves electronics and you constantly find his IPod, PDA, camera, and cell phone misplaced in his room, this could be the perfect gift. Made in several different finishes, Brookstone’s charging valet allows him to store and charge his electronics neatly in one location. It also has a space for his watch, money clip, loose change and whatever else he has scattered around his room. One charging valet has room for six devices, while the other only fits two electronics.

For the Sentimental Lover:

Putting thought into your present will make whatever you get him memorable. Think back to past conversations, your best memories together and try to remember something that you shared…then recreate it!

Scrapbook, $30.00 and up

Recommended for those who have been dating for a year or longer, a scrapbook is a perfect way to document your relationship and save your memories for years to come. Since you’re probably the photographer in the relationship, I’m sure you have a collection of photographs that he’d love to have a copy of and show off. Depending on how detailed you decide to make it; scrapbooks can get pricey. Perhaps fully complete the first few pages and leave the rest as a work in progress.

Autographed Sports Memorabilia, $25.00 and up

If his Sundays are spent watching the game, why not let him know you appreciate his passion for sports? There are many websites that provide an array of autographed team memorabilia for a range of prices. Depending on the popularity of his favorite team, your wallet may get lighter. My favorites include autographed baseballs, framed photos of teams and players, and jerseys. Share his love for the game and you’ll be the star of his team in no time.

What to Get Your Woman:

What do you get for the girl who has everything? A question most boyfriends have asked themselves at one point during their relationship. The answer is, get her something that comes from your heart because an expression of your feelings for her is one thing she can never have enough of.

For the Athletic Girl:

Assuming she enjoys listening to music when she’s working out or taking a power walk, get her the gift that keeps on giving.

Nike IPod Sport Kit, $29.00

Nike IPod Sport Kit, $29.00The dynamic duo of Apple and Nike create a sensational product for the fan of the IPod Nano and Nike sneaker. This wireless sensor allows you to track your workout progress and get feedback on your performance. She’ll have the run of her life and have your present to thank!

For the Sentimental Girl:

Jewelry, $100 and up

Jewelry, $100 and upJewelry is a girl’s best friend. Silver or gold, diamonds or pearls, get her a piece that catches the eye and reminds her of you. Whether you have money to spend, or are on a tight budget, pick the jewelry item that has meaning to the two of you. Perhaps you spent a wonderful weekend at the beach this summer, check out the Tiffany’s Elsa Peretti Starfish pendant, $235.00 or Swarovski crystal Holly Starfish Pierced Earrings, $55.00. A piece of jewelry with meaning behind it makes her sparkle even brighter.

For the Adventure Queen:

Weekend Getaway, $175 and up

Whisk your woman away to secluded beach town, snowy chalet or bustling city so she can remember Valentine’s Day as a weekend affair of activities and romance. Wherever you decide to take her, make sure you have your itinerary ready with room for change. Find the best restaurants on and check the Internet for points of interest. She’ll love that you took the initiative to plan a weekend for two!

Themed Presents:

I am a fan of putting together themed presents and when you find out how easy it is, you will be too! Let’s take the above gifts as examples.

  • Cuddle Blanket paired with his favorite DVD, and a box of popcorn … a night at home is complete.
  • Charging valet paired with a fun new gadget whether it’s a monogrammed money clip, or the IPod Nano he’s been eyeing, he’ll love the accessory he can store on his new organizer.
  • A sexy piece of lingerie paired with a sex toy, box of condoms, Karma Sutra book and deliciously scented candle create a night of seduction at your fingertips.


For both of you:

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to spice things up. Show off your inner vixen and have him loving this holiday…and you like never before.

Sexy Lingerie, $40.00 and up

It’s time to show off your body and buy a present that makes you feel beautiful. The delight he’ll take in seeing your confidence and of course hot undergarments will ignite his passionate side. Perhaps surprise him with a tantalizing strip tease, or if you’re daring, come over wearing just your "present" underneath your coat.

Sex Toys, $15.00 and up

Whether you’re a long time fan of sex toys or want to try something new in the bedroom, surprising your man with a new plaything could be the best Valentine’s Day gift he’s ever received. The Internet provides a plethora of toys for anyone’s imagination and it also allows you to remain anonymous.

Show him you can be both naughty and nice this February 14th.

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