This review originally appeared on and in 1998. It was rock-solid software that still exists today.

By John Guilfoil

Command Software pretty much created a winner with this one. Command Antivirus with F-PROT Professional is an affordable, high quality mercenary that will set out and battle any fiendish viral vermin that threaten your beloved system.

The software is packed up with the latest features including detection of Macro and Polymorphic viruses, detection of 100% of known viruses with a user friendly interface and Y2K and Windows 98 compliance.

Command Antivirus works on a multitude of operating systems and is rather easy to install and run. I recommend it highly, especially for computers with net access.

All computers should have Virus protection and Command Antivirus is one of the better among the many good ones out there.

Quick hits:

Publisher: Command Software
Developer: Command Software
Platform: PC
Genre: Utility/Antivirus

Technical Requirements:
Works with most desktop and server configurations including Windows, Unix, Solaris, OS/2 and Linux

Overall: [rating:5/5]

One of the rare Indomitable Products -- the highest award given by the site Best OS/2 Program, 1998

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