In this Blair Witch-Godzilla-I Am Legend mix of film, audiences can expect mayhem, bad camerawork and good entertainment. Although Cloverfield is only 90 minutes long, and no specific characters are the ‘heroes,’ every second is packed with action.

The film, produced by J. J. Abrams, directed by Matt Reeves, and written by Drew Goddard, starts at a gathering were friends try to enjoy a going away party before the building they are in collapses. The cameraman, Hud, is responsible for showing us what happens when a monster arrives to New York City and tears everything apart. More than a tale about a monster, though, this is a tale of survival and of how people react in catastrophes.

Hud is the perfect example of what people do when emergencies happen, instead of calling 911 they use their phones to take pictures. The group of friends the audience gets acquainted with shows human reaction at its finest. How will they escape; save themselves; and is there even a way to do so? The fact that the movie takes place in New York is even more interesting.

As a country that has suffered a major emergency in the Big Apple, this movie makes us rethink whether or not we are prepared for another tragedy. The film is effective in showing that when bad things occur many of us do not know what is happening and must rely on police, firefighters and other safety agencies for information and protection. Cloverfield is different because it exploits this real life fear.

Finally, the movie is successful because there is no resolution. We are left to wonder what happens, whether the monster was defeated and whether New York will rise form the ashes, yet again. This grim European-outlook of life not having a happy ending wraps up the movie as a whole.

You can expect drama and confusion. Overall, however, you can expect a movie that will keep you in the edge of your seat and will stay in your mind after you leave the theater.

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