Nevada-based furniture designer Alberto Frias LLC has released a space age bed called the “Transport,” and it looks like it can travel across galaxies.

The Transport Bed includes an audio/visual system based on detailed research, Frias said in a statement Tuesday. The audio system features four-inch Anthony Gallo Nucleus Micro speakers and a 240-watt MPS subwoofer that can be integrated into any stereo, home theater or iPod. The inside is lit by an LED optics system giving you a custom lighting experience. It is all enclosed around a temperature-controlled waterbed.

“As a graduate student working on my master’s thesis in architecture, I focused my research on light, sound and space,” said Frias. “I became fascinated with the trance-like effect one gets from meditating upon the crashing ocean waves or when staring at the clear blue sky. I then became determined to create an environment that would recall that heightened state of awareness.”

Each Transport is handmade and custom-ordered. It is available in two sizes: a six-foot standard version or a large eight-foot diameter version. It will be available in white and glossy black.

At around $14,000, the Transport can be tried and ordered at Twentieth, a modern furnishings store in Beverly Hills.

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