California-based uPlay is launching a new handheld golf GPS rangefinder with advanced graphics and capabilities they are billing as “the iPhone of golf GPS technology.”

Now if that’s not a hell of a statement, I dunno what is.

“The uPro distance measuring device … gives golfers the best of both GPS and laser technologies in a small, easy-to-use system,” uPlay said Wednesday in a statement. “With aerial photography, video flyovers and easily viewable high resolution color display, the uPro is the most functional, effective and intuitive hand-held rangefinder in the industry.”

It looks like a big, expensive toy for one of the world’s elite games. The device allows golfers to determine distances to holes from their present location. It also maps out courses, hazards, fairways, etc.

“It was our goal to develop a distance-measuring device with the most advanced features and optimum usability,” said Joseph Balardeta, co-founder of uPlay LLC,. “The uPro allows golfers to see the course and the game from a whole new perspective.”

The uPro lays out detailed course maps, video flyovers and aerial views of every hole on the course and allows golfers to get exact distances to and from any point on the course, according to uPlay.

“Want to know how far you can hit the ball and still lay-up in front of a hazard? The uPro will show you. Want to go for it? The uPro will tell you how far you have to carry the hazard.”

The uPro will debut at the 2008 PGA Show in Orlando January 16-19.

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