“A Sinister Plot. An Enemy Sub on the Prowl. And You, Carrying Enough Fire Power to Destroy the Entire Planet.

Silent Steel…a dangerous undersea cinematic adventure of hide and seek. The enemy is out there, and they’re hunting the USS IDAHO.

As captain of the Fleet Ballistic Missile Sub Idaho, you are in command of the most powerful weapons system ever devised. With 24 Trident missiles on board, you carry enough firepower to destroy the entire planet. You’re on war footing te moment you submerge–no such thing as a routine patrol here.

With fear and uncertainty undermining the morale of your crew., the orders you issue will seal the fate of your ship as you attempt to unravel the intricate plot threatening the stability of the free world.

This all-video Strategy Adventure is the most advanced cinematic multimedia game ever released. Silent Steel’s branching storyline provides a greater depth of game play than other simulations. If you like a good Strategy Adventure game, you’ll love Silent Steel.”

Indeed you will love Silent Steel, but not quite as much today as you would have in the mid-90s, as the all-video game was meant to run on Windows 3.1 and 95, and despite repeated attempts, some of the character voices don’t work in Windows XP.

Tsunami’s Silent Steel is a dialog-driven adventure, where gameplay is completely based on choosing the right sequence of things for your character, the captain of the USS Idaho, to say. In Silent Steel, every choice you make — every order you give your submariners — has a major affect on whether you end up winning the game or being blown to the blimey deep.

This game was amazingly advanced when it came out. It was 100 percent video with a full cast and sets that included shots off aircraft carriers, Seahawk helicopters, submarines, and more with plot twists that included CIA interference and betrayal.

The original version was four CD’s, but a DVD came out later that removed the swapping of discs during gameplay.

The cast is perhaps the most impressive aspect of the game. Silent Steel stars Brian McNamara as the executive officer. McNamara, of “Army Wives” fame, also played Carson Ward on “The O.C.” and got a Golden Globe nomination in 1987 for “Billionaire Boys Club.” He and Jim Metzler, who plays the comical master chief, also have Star Trek acting credits. The traitor, Lt. Wheeler, is played by Fred Lehneg who was Marshal Edward Mars on “Lost.”

Silent Steel came out near the Crimson Tide submarine craze and gives a player a visually amazing perspective over their own submarine without the need for technical knowledge. It’s a classic piece of video game history, and it has held its value, still selling for over $20 online.

Don’t miss the blooper reel either! (ALT-B)

The full package:
Original readme file
Original glossary of submarine/game terms
Quick-win walkthrough

Ye Olde System Requirements:

  • Windows 3.1 or Higher
  • 486-66 MHz or better
  • SVGA (256 color) display or better
  • 8MB RAM
  • 2MB Hard disk space
  • 2X or higher CD-ROM drive
  • 8 or 16 bit sound card

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  1. tom

    Is / was there any updates made to silent steel to make it work on XP or possibly Vista? I have the original 4-cd game and haven’t played it since i went to win98 some years ago. would really like to be able to play this again. thx – tom


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