Belkin’s new RockStar ($20) is out to make everyone feel like their own personal DJ.

The device lets you mix your music on your iPod or other music player, and up to six people can listen to it on their own headphones. You could also select to mark other audio jacks as inputs an allow your friends to provide their own tunes. You can then Mix multiple inputs from the other jacks on it, or just listen to one source on all 6 jacks.

One port is set is input only, and then the others are selectable. This gives you the convenience of using it either to mix multiple audio sources together up to 6, or to listen to one audio source on up to six headphones, or output to a speaker. This could make a cheaper receiver, or audio selector for someone, just swapping the jack from output to input to select it.

Questions remains as to whether or not any signal power or quality is lost is all ports are used, as opposed to only one, but you gotta give Belkin style points on this one.

RockStar is coming in March. (Source: iLounge)

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