After working on it for more than two years Radiohead’s long awaited CD, In Rainbows, was available to fans since October 10 but the deluxe CD version hit stores January first. In Rainbows is important because it is a self-released album after the band ended their contract with EMI Music, and it shows the band’s musical ability to be different and unique once again.

Fans were able to download a track from the album, for whatever they wanted to pay, in October. Now, the boxed set includes a double vinyl disc, a book, eight bonus tracks and two CDs. The album’s first single "Jigsaw Falling into Place" will debut on January 14. The songs are symbolic of the band’s freedom, with pretty guitar playing and meaningful lyrics.

From the public announcement about nuclear bombs, in "4 Minute Warning" to the romantic "All I Need," Radiohead fans and newbies alike will find favorites in the album as a whole. Some of the songs, like Bodysnatchers, have been performed live already so fans will be quickly familiarized with the tracks.

Emotion also derives from slow acoustic melodies. Many instruments are used in contrast to one another leading the listener into unexpected sounds that, at first, are strange but by the second listen create excitement. Since the album has been expected for a long time it is unclear how much success it will have, or if it will even compare to the success of Kid A, for example. It is different, it is Radiohead, so for now we’re just happy for having more music from this band.

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