This is the official Blast Magazine preview for the upcoming Electronic Arts game Ninja Reflex for Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS.

Electronic Arts revealed some more details on their upcoming martial arts-based party game, Ninja Reflex.

The game looks good, and the only major concern is the potential price tag. EA doesn’t exactly make budget titles, but they have a history of overpricing simple games that carry their cattle branding.

Thankfully, Ninja Reflex doesn’t look chinsy.

Some Key Features Revealed: Ninja Reflex uses a series of martial arts challenges to test gamers’ reflexes and measure their reaction times with millisecond precision. As players develop their ninja skills, they will strive to earn a black belt from their own personal Sensei. Players can also compete for ninja supremacy against their friends in fierce multiplayer battles with up to four players.

Ninja Reflex measures players reaction times to the millisecond — so speed and accurate Wii movements will be key. You go through the game mastering different precise movements trying to earn a black belt from your virtual master.

Reflex has some reminders of Wii Sports and Wii Play — it will be easy to pick up and go. It’s all going to depend on the hope that the developer keeps the gameplay fluid and easy to pick-up.

The game is heavily multiplayer. “Ninja Reflex channels the accessible multiplayer fun of Wii Sports and the self-improvement aspect of Brain Age into a martial arts universe that is ideally suited for the Wii and Nintendo DS,” said David Luntz, President and CEO of Nunchuck Games

Check out the screen shots for these three of the main features:

  • Shuriken: Practice defending the courtyard from attacks on all sides with throwing stars
  • Hotaru: Test your quickness against the flash of a firefly
  • Hashi: Catching flies with chopsticks

Ninja Reflex screen shot "Shuriken" Ninja Reflex screen shot "Hotaru" Ninja Reflex screen shot "Hashi"

You get to make up your own Ninja Name from over 25,000 combinations in this game, which will be available in March for DS and Wii.

Overall, Ninja Reflex has the potential, the budget and the backing to be a hit. It’s all going to depend on gamers’ initial reactions and if the mini-game craze holds out.

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Quick hits:

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Sanzaru Games
Platform: Wii and DS
Genre: Party game
Players: 1-4
Launch Date: March, 2008

Pre-launch ranking: [rating:4/5]

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