When it comes to converting PDFs to word documents for editing, your software choice options are very limited. Docudesk, a company, which specializes in PDF software solutions, announced it’s deskUNPDF Professional that essentially converts PDF’s into various other formats like spreadsheets, websites and various image formats.

Formats include: Open Document Format (.ODT), Excel (.XLS), Comma Seperated Values (.CSV), Extensibile Markup Language, HTML, xHTML, Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG), Bitmaps (.BMP), Portable Network Graphics (.PNG), Tagged Image File Format (.TIF or. TIFF) and Joint Photographic Experts Group (.JPEG).

My experience with this product was fairly good. The product installed very quickly and within a few minutes and I had the program up and running. The importing process was very easy as well.

Just drag a PDF located on the desktop into the program and a large preview will appear. Then just select your desired output format and tweak any advanced settings if necessary and once done, click the convert button at the top.

Within seconds the document was finished converting and opens itself up for viewing. The conversion process went seamlessly and seemed very effective. I couldn’t find any traces of distortion, which was a plus.

The trial version lets you convert one page documents, so you’ll have to buy UNPDF to go further.

My overall satisfaction of this product was fairly good, but this product does need improvements. I found that when importing large files the program unexpectedly quit which can be a problem. I would like to see more "eye candy" on the user interface, because having detailed buttons and animations make the user feel more at home, especially if they are running it with Windows Vista.

The price is also very high at $59.95 for a single user license and $269.95 for a five license pack, and it jumps up from there. Most consumers would purchase the single license pack, and I think $29.95 is more than enough for a relatively simple piece of software.

So is this product worth buying? It works as advertised and does its job well. It is expensive, but it’s really up to the consumer if Docudesk’s desk UNPDF is worth the money for the functionality.

Give it a try for free.

Quick hits:

Publisher: Docudesk
Developer: Docudesk
Platform: PC/MAC
Genre: Desktop Publishing Utility
Launch Date: November 27, 2007

Overall: [rating:3.5]

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