I saw the stats, and I still didn’t believe it. We wrote a 189-word brief about Kyla Ebbert — a Southwest Airlines passenger who was almost kicked off for wearing a skimpy (it wasn’t even that skimpy really…) outfit.

Then the counter started ticking like dollars on a gas pump.

By the end of the day on November 15, more people visited our little story than any other article in the 12 months of Blast Magazine. And every day that number grows.

In many ways it’s a testament to the Internet user, but in another respect, the growth in traffic we received from this 24-year-old vixen was largely due to us getting the article out early and Google rewarding us for our efforts.

Google rankings of our Mitchell Report storyI didn’t believe the latter myself until we rushed to get the Mitchell Report online. We put the report out to our readers as soon as it was released to the media, and lo and behold we’re #2 on Google.

So we’re excited about out recent efforts to make search engine optimization an priority, given that the previous owner of Blastmagazine.com abused it like a dog that wouldn’t fight. For the first few months, we weren’t even listed on Google!

The big story this month is that Blast is now one year old! We’ve come a long way, through three major redesigns, but we’ve maintained our major design points, quality photography and written work and, of course, our monthly magazine cover.

As we go into 2008, we’ve already started expanding our coverage to include daily gaming news, ongoing movie reviews, entertainment news and political commentary. We’re looking to add more original video content and keep up our long-form reporting in 2008.

We have some big news this issue. We put out the first major American review of SunAge, an upcoming strategy computer game. We also reported on the controversial dismissal of a Gamespot editor.

In Culture, you have to read newcomer Jocelyn Carleton’s piece on what national restaurant chains are doing to attract local regulars.

We also sat down with fashion designer Paula Hian and talked about her new dress that’s sweeping the couture world.

Speaking of interviews, Bessie King put Dr. Jonathan Katz on her couch this month to talk about his new Comedy Central DVD.

Last but not least, our cover story this month is an excellent, intimate interview with Sara Quin of the sisterly music duo, Tegan and Sara. Don’t miss this one!

That’s December. Happy Birthday to us!

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John Guilfoil is the editor-in-chief of Blast: Boston's Online Magazine and the Blast Magazine Network. He can be reached at [email protected]. Tweet @johnguilfoil.

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