The Bluetooth Audio Transport is an all-in-one earbud wireless audio product that works with cell phones, stereos, iPods and any other audio source you can think of.

Though there are some considerations to make — this isn’t a good idea for an iPod or another portable MP3 device. The way the Audio Transport works is that it lets you plug a set of earbuds/headphones into a Bluetooth receiver. So there are still wires to worry about, and there isn’t really a point to using this for an already portable device, unless you plan on leaving your iPod on a desk or table or somewhere stationary while you walk around the room. Just not sure why you’d do that…

Anyway, the Audio Transport does give you the ability to listen to any audio source from up to 33′ (feet) away, and the sound quality is pretty good, with SRS “Wow” surround sound technology.

If you’re looking for a Bluetooth device, $50 is the average for cell phone solutions. The IOGEAR Audio transport, at the same price, gives you that and the expanded capabilities.


  • Enjoy music wirelessly from Bluetooth-enabled computers, PDA, MP3/CD players, and more
  • Maximum wireless range up to 33 ft.(10 meters)
  • SRS WOW surround sound technology delivers optimal music listening experience
  • Supports MP3-quality stereo sound (frequency response 20Hz — 20 KHz)
  • Works with Bluetooth cell phones and allows you to pick up incoming calls even during music playback
  • Integrated 5-way headphone control buttons give you quick access to play/pause, track selection*, and volume control
  • Comfortable to wear behind-the-neck style
  • Convenient built-in rechargeable battery for up to 6 hours play time
  • Connect the Bluetooth Audio Transport to your stereo system to wirelessly listen to music stored in your Bluetooth audio devices
  • Avoids interference with other wireless devices and does not requires direct line-of-sight
  • Class 2 device compliant with Bluetooth 1.2 specifications Headphones Audio

Overall: [rating:4/5]

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