As the holidays approach, a unique gift idea emerges from DNA 11. Recently. the Canadian-based company introduced its new line of art portraits, which include DNA fingerprints and portraits of your lips and kisses.

DNA 11 offers three innovative and personalized products, and each one will never look the same because it’s unique to yourself. They are sure to make any empty wall look great while adding a personalized touch.

The portraits use customer’s DNA results, which tend to look like small or large rectangles. Customers can customize the portraits with color choice by logging on and choosing one of multiple setup options — such as one person’s DNA or as many as four people’s DNA displayed on one canvas.

The portraits start at $390 frameless and increase in price with people and options. Sizes include 18″x24″ ($390) 24″x36″ ($490) and 36″x54″ ($790). There are also 25 color presets and optional framing.

Personalized signatures and high resolution downloads can also be purchased. After selecting from these options, the customer receives a DNA collection kit, which includes a swab to collect cheek cells that get mailed back so the company can produce the DNA portrait.

DNA 11 also offers signature fingerprint portraits, which expresses a great deal of individuality.The collection and design process is similar to the DNA portraits where customers go online and choose from the standard 12″x12″ size ($190), 20″x20″ or the large 40″x40″ ($490).

Next, the customer must choose a color from the 25 presets or by choosing a custom color from the color palette. Similarly, to the DNA portraits, customers may opt to add a signature ($50) and may purchase a high resolution downloadable image ($50) and can choose from framing options.

DNA 11 also offers “kiss portraits” — outlines of a person’s lips.

The creation process is actually quite simple. First, customers select the configuration of their choice between a single lip outline, double lip outline, close-up or multiple lips. Prices range from one standard kiss portrait ($290) all the way up to kiss double close-up for two people ($390).

Next, customers can choose between the two available sizes 20″x20″ ($290) or 40″x40″ ($490). Once again, customers can choose their preferred color from the 25 presets colors or from the color palette and can then choose from the optional frames available for the selected size. The customer can choose to add their signature ($50) or purchase a high resolution image ($50).

The Kiss collection kit allows the customer to apply the included M.A.C VIVA Glam lipstick and kiss the included sheets until they get the perfect lip print.

DNA 11 products allow customers to personalize art and offer a unique way to decorate any wall where no two pieces will look the same.

A portion of money from Kiss portrait purchases goes to help purchase 1000 condoms in India or 16 HIV tests in Haiti.

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