The only thing better than Dirty Jobs is eight hours and 20 minutes of Dirty Jobs on five DVD’s.

Discovery Channel has released the complete first season of Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe. Join Mike has he takes on everything from sewer inspection to hot tar roofing in this widely popular spin on educational television.

In Dirty Jobs, Mike Row redefines the traditional everyman as he dives headfirst into weird, strange and most of all dirty jobs that regular people do every day.


Bat Cave Scavenger & Worm Dung Farmer
Visit a cave where bat guano (a.k.a. bat poop) is collected for some of the best fertilizer in the world. Then, join Mike as he burrows his way onto a farm that specializes in worm dung.

Roadkill Cleaners & Chinatown Garbage Collector
Mike rides along with some professional road kill collectors — and takes his turn scooping up five-day-old asphalt ornaments. Plus, learn how some of your discarded scraps are turned into fine wine.

Sewer Inspector & Pig Farmer
Mike braves the cockroach- and rat-infested sewers of San Francisco as part of his latest gig. Things get even messier in Iowa as he learns the fine art of pig insemination.

Chick Sexer & Vexcon
Mike takes an “egg-cellent” vacation to the Murray McMurray Hatchery for a little chicken sex ed. Later, he joins forces with the Vexcon Pest Control group for an all-out assault on a home ruled by cockroaches.

Sludge Cleaner & Hot Tar Roofer
Mike wades into a greasy pit of sludge to help an environmental company recycle some gunky grime. In Hot Tar Roofer, Mike lands on a church rooftop and learns how to melt down chunks of black tar for roof repair.

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