The Call of Duty 4 Bradygames official strategy guide is one of the more impressive guides out there right now.

It’s almost 270 glossy, full-color pages long and includes just about everything you could imagine out of the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC-CD variants of the game all in one.

The guide contains all the maps, tactics, items, weapons, characters, missions, clans and unlockable content as well as a full single-player walkthrough covering all five parts of the game from prologue to epilogue.

The game itself is well-detailed with several kinds of modern weapons, including four pistols, five sub machine guns, three light machine guns, two styles of shotgun, seven kinds of assault rifles and five kinds of sniper rifles. The guide lays each one out including scopes, laser sights, silencers, and grenade launcher attachments.

One tip: most weapons have gold versions — you can unlock them by completing all the challenges for every weapon in the gold class. You also get bonuses for going on killing streaks — a three-kill streak lets you call in a UAV that gives you a radar sweep of all enemies in the area. A five-kill streak lets you call in an airstrike to bomb a location. Finally, a seven-kill streak lets you call in a chopper with missiles and a minigun that will eliminate all enemies in the area and score tons of points for you until someone shoots it down.

The maps are very impressive too, showing you everything there is to see in the game. But the most important part of this guide is the fully illustrated walkthrough. CoD4 has gotten some mixed reviews so far, but it’s an in-depth game that demonstrates why strategy guides are still popular.

This guide, written by Thom Denick and the Sea Snipers will add to your Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare experience — it may even save the game if you really get frustrated.

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  1. BR

    “…….one of the more impressive guides out there right now.” Are you crazy!?! This guide is terrible. I buy strategy guides for the details. This guide gives no explanation for how points are determined, damage done by each weapon, exactly what each perk does, etc. I want to see numbers! I don’t know how you can print a strategy guide without this information.


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