If you ask Gametap, they’ll give you a great variety of video games parents can play with their children. Including Lego Star Wars and other Nintendo DS games — which is odd considering that would require both the parent and the child to have their own Nintendo DS.

They are also quick to warn parents against violence and swearing in video games.

We’re just going to list the best fucking games. K? Thanks.

Blast’s top five PlayStation 3 games of 2007

5. Assassin’s Creed

It didn’t live up to expectations, but it’s visually stunning and shows what’s possible. Hopefully someone will take the concept and make better game from it.

4. MotorStorm
This one came out early in the year and it’s emerged as one of the top PS3 games out there — it even comes with the system at a lot of stores.

From our March 1 review: "We wanted to harness the power of the PS3," said Nigel Kershaw, lead game designer for Evolution Studios, the game’s developer. "PS3 is a very very very powerful machine. We had to learn its power and what it could do."

3. Rock Band and Guitar Hero III
It’s a tie. You’ll never have a better time not actually playing the guitar.

2. Heavenly Sword
Chick swings swords. Kills. Hot.

1. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
The best game on the PlayStation 3 so far. With the recent game releases, we have to hope there’s a ton more like this in store for 2008.

Biggest letdown: Lair.
Best PlayStation 2 game: God of War 2

Blast’s top five Xbox 360 games of 2007

5. Bioshock
September 3 review: “The world is Rapture, an underwater paradise created to avoid the problems with the world above the ocean line. Free of political influence and censorship, it should have been perfect. By the time the player arrives, it’s in disarray. Burning, leaking, and filled with psychotic inhabitants, the secrets of this once perfect civilization are breathtaking in their depth.”

It may seem odd to find this at the bottom of the list, but there’s a lot of competition.

4. The Orange Box.

3. Oblivion
I’m personally not a fan, and I love RPG’s. But I felt, on the PC at least, that Gothic 3 had better controls. For the 360, however, Oblivion reigns supreme.

2. Halo 3
It’s awesome.

1. Gears of War
Gears of War is hard, but it’s the epitomal Xbox 360 action game and one of the best ever.

Biggest letdown: Phantasy Star Universe. Someone needs to be arrested for assault or rape or something because they’ve completely ruined one of the best RPG’s ever.

Blast’s top five Nintendo Wii games of 2007

5. Super Mario Brothers (NES)
Yeah so we’ve all been playing it on Emulators for years, but it’s good to see it back in the mainstream. Still waitin for Mario 3…

4. Zelda
You can play all of them…but the one made for the Wii is pretty good too.

3. WarioWare: Smooth Moves
It’s how we all learned how to use the Wiimote.

2. Wii Sports
It was free. It came with your Wii. You play it more than any other game.

1. Super Mario Galaxy
From our upcoming review: Mario is once again trying out a new career field — one not only entertaining and addictive but which should prove to stand the test of time as one of Mario’s greatest adventures ever.

Biggest letdown: Super Paper Mario. I don’t care if Gamespot gave it an 8.8. It wasn’t an RPG. The story sucked. It was schmultzy even by those standards. Flipping was cool though…

Best multiplayer games

5. Carnival Games (Wii)
The most underrated game of the year. This low-budget Wii title got terrible reviews from the major players in video game journalism.

But have a few beers (or smoke’em if you got’em), have some friends over and tell me this isn’t totally frigging awesome.

4. Kane and Lynch: Dead Men
What GameTap said: If you’re worried about your kids being exposed to violence, rough language, and suggestive themes, these are games you will absolutely want to avoid

This game makes my top five multiplayer list because it’s the most amount of times anyone’s ever said “fuck” in a video game. The multiplayer is hard and some of the maneuvers are tricky, but once you get used to it, this one is very entertaining. “Fragile Alliance” multiplayer mode is innovative also — you have to rob a bank and you can choose to be loyal to your friends or kill them and take the loot yourself.

3. Madden 2008
It’s still fun to compete as your favorite teams — and Madden lets you pick up and go in two minutes.

2. Rock Band
Sure you have to get four people together all the time to make it really work…so?

1. Halo 3
Still the best time you can have shooting short, stupid aliens.

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