On October 9, Indianapolis-based EnerDel unveiled a new Lithium-ion battery pack for hybrid-electric vehicles.

“We believe that our battery technology is a pivotal advancement that will enable HEVs and eventually PHEVs (plug-in hybrids) and EVs (electric vehicles) to become the predominant forms of transportation in the world,” said Charles Gassenheimer, Vice Chairman of Ener1, EnerDel’s parent company. “Over the next five and ten years, we expect that the conversion of the consumer automobile fleet to HEV, PHEV and EV will have the single greatest impact on the reduction of fossil-fuel energy consumption and greenhouse gases of all alternative energy technologies. EnerDel has developed a safe, high-powered Lithium ion battery for HEVs that we will manufacture in the United States, creating ‘Green Collar’ jobs for our economy.”

The EnerDel battery pack is a green technology. It could reduce pollution. It’s shiny.

“Next on the agenda is to deliver a working HEV with our battery pack in late December 2007 for on-the-road testing,” said Ulrik Grape, Chief Executive Officer of EnerDel.

EnerDel is a relatively new company, formed in 2004 when Delphi and Ener1 joined their lithium battery divisions.

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