In a not-so-surprising move, God of War 3 will be developed for the Playstation 3. This comes on the heels of GoW 2’s amazing successes earlier in the year on the PS2, which has propelled the action series to the top of the Sony gaming world.

God of War 2 is considered by many to be the best Playstation 2 game ever, and it is reasonable to think that the third installment looks even better on paper — 1080p, sixaxis, digital audio, etc.

But Sony is going forward on God of War 3 without two of the top names behind the success of God of War 2.

Cory Barlog, who directed God of War 2, is out and no longer works for Sony Computer Entertainment America’s Santa Monica division. “We are grateful for his work and creative vision for the critically acclaimed God of War franchise,” SCEA said in a statement.

Also seemingly missing from the equation will be David Jaffe, who was the creative director of the God of War Series. The industry vet also has the Twisted Metal Playstation franchise on his resume, according to his blog. Jaffe went independent. His new studio, Eat Sleep Play, is working on a PSP port of Twisted Metal, Gamespot reported recently.

With the loss of Jaffe and the big-mouthed yet highly talented Barlog, suddenly the success of God of War 3 goes from a sure thing to a potential question mark.

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  1. moatez

    It’s a great work to made the 3rd part of GOW.
    thanks Mr. David
    But also you can make GOW3 on PS2 as well as PS3
    this makes it nice and wonderfull works

    with regards

  2. Roget Howard

    What i was wondering is since the gow franchise is still continuing will that mean both ps2 and ps3 will have the version or just one? Also what can be expected of this new and upcoming continuation that will some what WOW the media and most important the people.

  3. cory

    Why are you putting god of war 3 on PS3? I want it on PS2 because I’m not going to wast all my money on PS3 but most importanly I’m not allowed to buy anymore systems and I think you will sell the game more if you put it on PS2. you can still put it on PS3 if you want but all I’m asking is that you put it on PS2 because I am going crazy to get this game but I cant if you only put it on PS3 so put it pn PS2 also email me back to tell me if your going to do it or not.
    P.S you guys are AWSOME with this idea for god of war!!!!

  4. cory

    You guys inspired me to be a game derector.

    You guys are awsome and will be awsomer if you put this game on PS2.

  5. Deyve

    @cory: Sure, put in on PS2 if you want a sub-par game that makes no advancements from it’s predecessors. Even God of War I pushed the PS2 engine to it’s absolute limits, if you want even a half decent end to the series, it has to be on PS3 no matter how much you bitch about it.

    And buy a PS3, not only will you get to play all PS2 games, but awesome new PS3 games, plus the blueray HD disc player. It’s worth it.

  6. John Guilfoil

    I agree. You have to move on sometime. PS3, 360 and Wii are the current generation, not the next generation. There’s too many games still being made for Playstation 2 as it is.

    You don’t see any Xbox or Gamecube games coming out lately…

  7. ?

    Wow…I could not believe that the originator of the “God of War” series won’t be a part of the 3rd installment. After reading the above article I’m still in shock. I did not realize that Jeff was “replaceable” in Sony standards. I won’t be a bit surprise if the 3rd installment is a let down. Can’t say that I’m looking forward to this game now.

  8. vilayath

    may all who want this game on PS2 are all idiots.

    comon how can you say that a game of bout 1080pi can run on PS2 if the game is released on PS2 also then how will it look like GOW3 how can you say that,…………. PS2 is old now and what we or I want to see is GOW3 on PS3 utilizing the max out of console like the original GOW and GOW2 did with PS2

  9. kevin

    You guys are all retarted.
    Sure GOW is a great series of games for the sony consoles, but ps3 is an inferior device in terms of gaming compared to the 360.
    Also how much of a baby are you when you claim that you can’t buy another system. What a bitch

  10. John Guilfoil

    I think that’s a big difference. Xbox users quickly upgraded to 360, but we’re still seeing a ton of PS2 users, and thus PS2 games. But Playstation 3 is a great gaming console in terms of graphics and sound. GOW2 pushed the PS2 to its limits. Now it’s time to see how it plays on Playstation 3.

    Though we may be seeing a ton of remaining PS2 users because PS2 was the largest selling video game console ever.

  11. free-4-

    i think that god of war 3 must be at ps2 because its going to be a trilogy, so it started with ps2 and it will end with ps2, that’s my opinion and if some guys who say that they have the money to buy the console ps3 let them buy it on ps3 and close their mouths!
    if sony doesn’t want to have a problem with the people who love god of war game, they will publish it on ps2 and on ps3! i think that this is the best solution!

  12. Blast Magazine Newsroom

    I think the last trilogy that was only for one console was Super Mario Brothers… jg

    You have a game of this magnitude — GoW 2 stretched the PS2 to its limits. Where do you go from here? You can’t do more with the PlayStation 2…

  13. jack fisher

    fuck that shit god of war was the best game for ps2 and if any body has a problem with that they can go fuck them selfs ps2w for life

  14. frank

    yes dumb asses its only gonna be on ps3. why would they make it on ps2 i mean the reason they put it on ps3 only is because people would want to play so bad they will buy a ps3. they want to get attention towards the ps3.



  16. Marcus kilburn

    I love GOD OF WAR 1 and 2 but if your going to make a 3rd you should make the game for the ps2 also as the ps3 because not alot of people have a ps3 and your going to lose money that and ratings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….”I’M JUST SAYIN”.


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