Making fun of Trekies and Star Wars aficionados seems like second nature to some. But now, television addicts can be put on the hot seat just the same. Seinfeld fans can spend their time watching the show on-line and enter for a chance to win a complete ninth season DVD collection after voting for their favorite episodes.

Sony Pictures Television, with help from affiliates in 99 percent of the country carrying the highly-rated sitcom in syndication, are asking viewers to vote in the Seinfeld Viewers Choice. Voting started on October 15 and will run through November 5.

Clips from 35 of the most popular episodes will be showcased as streaming content on Yahoo! TV ( and viewers will be asked to select their 10 faves from the clips available. Votes will then be tabulated and the top 10 episodes will air as part of two Viewers Choice themed weeks on November 12 and November 19.

"Seinfeld is the greatest comedy in television history," said Robert Oswaks, executive vice president of marketing for Sony Pictures Television. "This promotion is a great way to let Seinfeld’s huge viewer base vote on and watch their favorite episodes in the November sweep."

A random winner from all of the online voters will be drawn to win a grand prize. The prize consists of a $4,500 shopping spree from and a Seinfeld fan package, which includes the ninth season DVDs, a Seinfeld hat, T-Shirt and mug. Throughout the entry period, voters can also enter for a chance to win 10 other prizes.

Premiering in 1990, Seinfeld told the story of four single friends living in New York. It earned well-deserved reputation for generating water cooler conversation from hilariously random and original storylines about Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld), George (Jason Alexander), Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and Kramer (Michael Richards). The series scenarios have left viewers with lasting memories about puffy shirts, close talkers, big salads, black & white cookies, shrinkage, killer envelopes, marble ryes and the unmistakable "yada yada yada."

While on air, the show was nominated for 57 Emmy Awards and won a total of 13. TV Guide also ranked it number one on its list of 50 Greatest Shows of All Time an in its current season in syndication Seinfeld consistently ranks as the number one off network comedy. If not chosen as grand prize winners fans can get the ninth season DVD’s, out November 6, to try and get closure for never getting a tenth one.

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