This review originally appeared on and in 1998 during the Golden Age of shareware gaming. The game (and manufacturer’s website) remain the same today as they were back then. This one stands out as a testament to the way the Internet once was.

By John Guilfoil

Don’t be scared off by the name. Virus the Game is a challenging and very addicting arcade puzzler. This is one of the few games where you get to be the bad guy. In Virus the Game, you ARE the virus.

The object of the game is to move around the screen, exposing parts of a hard drive sector looking for data to “eat.” Beware, the anti virus is on the hunt, and if you get into a fight with him, he’ll tear you apart!

The new version of Virus, 1.5 features faster keyboard response as well as sharper graphics than previous versions. The game runs very well on just about any system.

I definitely recommend downloading the shareware, and you might even want to consider purchasing the full version. The full version features 30 levels, 3 secret levels, lasers that track on to you, a top ten scores list and the newest version of Virus whenever it comes out.

The shareware version of Virus lets you to get a taste of the game — you get to create virtual hard drive rampage in the first two levels.

Download the shareware free from Blast!

Publisher: DynoTech Software
Developer: DynoTech Software
Platform: PC
Genre: Strategy/Puzzle
Players: 1

Technical Requirements:
386 or faster CPU, 4MB RAM, Windows 3x, Windows 9x, or OS/2 Warp, 256 Color VGA, Mouse or Joystick, Sound Card (optional, but recommended).

Playability: [rating:4/5]
Learning Curve: [rating:4/5]
Sound: [rating:4/5]
Graphics: [rating:4/5]
Overall: [rating:4/5]

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