Pop superstar Chris Brown releases his sophomore album, Exclusive, on November 6. The CD’s new single, "Kiss, Kiss," features T-Pain and has climbed the charts since its September 25 release date.

Brown, a Jive Records artist, has had to meet great expectations from fans and critics after his multiplatinum debut. The single “Kiss, Kiss" ranked at number two on Billboard’s Hot Ringmasters, nine on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop 100 Airplay and 14 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Airplay. The “Kiss, Kiss” video, co- directed by Erik White and Chris Brown, is in Big 10 rotation at MTV and at number one on BET’s 106 and Park.

“I feel it’s an album especially for my fans,” Brown said about the meaning of the album title. “I made this album ‘exclusively’ for them.”

In addition to collaborating with fellow platinum-selling producer and label-mate T-Pain, Brown worked with artists and producers like Kanye West, Wil-i-am, Sean Garrett, the Underdogs and Bryan-Michael Cox. Brown also contributed as a co-writer on several tracks on Exclusive.

The now 18-year old Tappahannock, Virginia, native signed to Jive Records when he was just 16. Two years ago, Brown gained critical-acclaim and recognition for his self-titled Grammy nominated debut, Chris Brown. His first album spawned several hits including “Run It,” “Yo (Excuse Me Miss)” and “Gimme That,” earning him worldwide sales in excess of 3 million units.

The musical prodigy has also experimented with acting. Stomp The Yard being his first feature film. Soon, he will be acting again for the Gems/Sony Pictures holiday film This Christmas, in theaters November 21.

At the 2007 MTV Awards Brown offered an amazing performance, showcasing his dance abilities and gaining respect from larger musical predecessors like Diddy, Alicia Keys and Justin Timberlake. So far he has had a flawless reputation but recent allegations may cast the singer in a different light. According to MediaTakeOut.com Brown may be a 33-year old woman’s baby daddy.

The pair met at the Essence Music Festival a few months ago and according to the female, who already has three children from previous relationships, they shared a "night of passion." The woman declared she will keep the baby and is sure Brown will make a "wonderful father.”

In due time, a paternity test will prove whether or not Brown is actually the father. In the meantime audiences can focus on his music and expect even more singles, videos and general everything’s from the young’un.

Keep reading Blast for the upcoming review of Exclusive.

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  1. babygirl

    that lady is so wrong for sleeping with a 18 year old i mean shes like…………..old lol 33 and i noe age is just a number but he is just a boy yet a man and shes older she should of been responsible i mean she got three kids already where are they fathers?? she knew what she was doing……if it was any other guy she would prably get an abortion or not bother with the father but noooo because the baby daddy is chris brown!!!! she just wants money and the fact that he is a celeberity……… if this is true i think his life is gonna be messed up cuz he got a kidd on the way plus his career to focus on and his reputation of what girls think of him cuz now he got a pretty good rep i mean we all think he a ladys mayne lol ……….. butif its not true ima be so happy cuz we still got our chris…….. WE LOVE YOU…chris if ur reading this and if its not true thank god but tgod givin u a lesson and that is to be careful in the future cuz u noe dere some girlz out dere who gonna try 2 use u becuase evry 1 noes who u r and i dont think they would mind having babies with u if u noe what i mean so yea………..well dont worry or be afraid cuz no matter what i wont be madd at u even if its ur kidd i mean its ur life we aint livin 4 u so i love u hope u noe that :] everything gonna be alright k? :]

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