Trey is a unique approach to seating. At first glance, it’s a modestly comfortable low back desk chair, but a it actually converts into a three-piece table/rocker/stool, giving it a variety of uses away from your new Ikea desk.

Sauder Manufacturing, the same outfit that probably made that bookshelf in the basement, put the Trey together and markets it separately from their other products. The Trey chair is a fun, functional little niche product that’s perfect for dorms and studios. It gives you a traditional working chair, a mini table for snacks or laptops, and a neat rocking chair to chill in front of the TV.

I also found the rocker to be a comfortable gaming solution. It reminded me of a smaller version of these old one-piece pleather rocking chairs the department stores used to sell.

The Trey comes apart with the flick of a latch and clicks right back into place. It also has all the standard chair features: rising, lowering and tilt-lock.

The only real drawback is the price. Depending on the fabric, the Trey goes from $239-$299. It’s a real expensive toy. The base model, any of six standard fabric colors, is priced at $239. I’d rather see it at $149-$199. It’s fun, but the average college student may not shell out the dough.

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