Have you donated a dollar to the Jimmy Fund? Or maybe you surprised a coworker with a cup of coffee? Has anyone fixed your flat tire, or simply asked how you were on a dreary Monday morning, and then waited to hear your answer? These small, yet meaningful acts are what LittleFishBigRiver.com catalogs as random acts of kindness.

These simple acts are the things that bring a smile to someone’s face and don’t have to cost a penny. While it’s important to watch the news and keep up with current events, sometimes we forget the good that does exist, and how much of it there really is in the world.

What started out as founder Scott Kuttila’s New Year’s resolution to make a small difference in the world has turned into a world-wide social network that recognizes small acts of kindness. With the help of friends and coworkers, Michael Clauss and Carlos Recalde of KPMG, began LittleFishBigRiver.com.

You can log in and browse the various acts of kindness that have occurred throughout the day — like cutting 14 inches of hair off to donate to Locks of Love, picking up a piece of litter from the side of the road and offering someone a ride home from work.

Members can create their own profile with photos and journals. You can share your random acts of kindness throughout the day and even click on the "Kindness Top Ten Lists." See what small gestures are making people smile in Boston and Los Angeles or Sweden and Thailand.

The site donates 10 percent of ad revenue to charity each time a member logs in. Members can easily invite their friends and family to join by adding their email to the site. The site will send an invitation to each friend and soon, members have their own small community. The more we share, the more we’ll motivate others to do the same. The idea is that by joining with your family and friends and visiting the site regularly, you are helping charity around the world.

The world may never be, "happily ever after," but with this site, random act of kindness will make others “happy in the moment.” You can start being a big fish in your area and joining LittlefishBigRiver.com and sharing what act of kindness you did today.

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