After getting the iPhone, the hottest new gadget on the block, I needed to find some way to protect it.

It wouldn’t be good to get a brand new iPhone scratched up after a week, so I tried iSee from Contour Design.

In an odd note, the directions show how to take the iSee apart and put it back together. This was a bad packaging decision because the directions are packaged inside the iSee, and you need to open it to find the directions that show you how to open it.

Putting the iPhone in the iSee is actually easy. The back slides off and the iPhone just sits inside. Then the back just slides back on.

The case is raised on the front, allowing access to the power button, touchscreen and speaker. The side has a hole for the volume controls and the ringer disable button, while the back has a hole for the camera. The top and bottom also have holes for the dock, the headphone jack and the hold button.

All of the holes are curved with beveled sides. This is important on the front; the raised sides mean it is less likely to scratch the main screen. If the iPhone is dropped with the iSee on it, it will hit the sides and not the screen. Also, if it slides around it is sliding on the iSee not the iPhone, itself.

The iSee also comes with a handy belt clip.

Unfortunately, the side of the clip where it holds the iSee extends too far and makes it hard to press the keys on that side of the screen. This can be an aggravation when typing. The clip swivels on the back so the clip can be attached vertically or horizontally.

If the iPhone happens to hit a sharp point, however, the iSee might not be of any use. I also found it irritating when I couldn’t get to the side keys when the clip is on.

I think the iSee is a great product. It does a good job protecting the iPhone from most possible causes of damage. It doesn’t have anything over the screen so it is still possible to scratch up the screen. Apple seems to have done a good job on the screen though and made it hard to damage.

Overall, I give the iSee a 9 out of 10. It does a great job of protecting the iPhone without being obtrusive.

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