Orikaso is a fold flat tableware brand and the brainchild of a British team of inventors and businessmen.

This believe-it-or-not business is continuously growing. As the name suggests, Orikaso is origami-inspired. And it’s the perfect design for your outdoor eating needs.

These thin pieces of polypropylene plastic can hold anything with no leakage. The hot dish can hold anything from salad to hot cocoa. In several vibrant colors you can find anything to fit your needs–coffee mugs, small bowls, large bowls, plates and even a playing mat for board games.

Polypropylene is a unique material. Orikaso’s makers call it "the Merlin of the plastic world" on their website.

"Polypropylene is practically the only plastic that can be folded without breakage, in fact the more you fold it the more durable it becomes along the hinge. Products are practically unbreakable (by practically I mean if you were to stick them in a food blender, or on a fire they will cease to work, but in daily normal use you shouldn’t experience any problems,)" the company said.

The material is also nontoxic and recyclable, dishwasher safe and endorsed by Greenpeace as an alternative to PVC materials.

After using one of these handy little tableware dream-come-trues you can actually turn them into a chess/checker set for outdoor family fun.

The design allows just enough practicality to make it attractive to anyone, and the company plans to aggressively market it worldwide.

Jay Cousins, creator of Orikaso said he intends to expand Orikaso’s usage and popularity.

"Having established channels to market in 22 countries, we now intend to spread the word of Orikaso further, extend our range of innovative products, and expand into further sales channels," said Cousins.

Orikaso is not microwavable, but it’s still very handy for those who enjoy hiking, camping or general outdoor activity because of the product’s simple portability concept.

From boy scouts, adventure travelers to hunters- just about anyone who loves the great outdoors finds a place for Orikaso in their hearts.

Given Orikaso’s current practicality and sales growth, things look promising in the future. You can buy Orikaso online at www.orikaso.com.

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